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Published on Aug 30, 2011

I've won the Assassin's Creed in 60 Seconds contest! Thank you to all who've supported me and my video! I'm currently making plans for more videos of me, my costume, and random shenanigans in public when it gets cooler outside. Afterall, it isn't easy running around in 90 degree weather in 3-4 layers of clothes. So keep an eye out, and if you have anything you want to see me do as Ezio let me know. I just might throw it in sometime. And for those wondering, yes, I'll make a video giving tips on how I made my costume n stuff later on.

1. Desmond Miles is captured by Abstergo Industries as a long-run war between Assassins and Templars.
2. They put him into a machine called an animus to relive his ancestors memories and find these Pieces of Eden.
3. He relives master assassin Altair Ibn la-Ahad.
4. Altair confronts Robert de Sable to retrieve the Piece of Eden, but he fails.
5. He's stripped of his rank by his master Al Mualim, and must then travel the holy lands to assassinate 9 Templars, but over time he becomes suspicious of his masters intentions.
6. He eventually kills Robert de Sable, who tells Altair that Al Mualim is a templar himself.
7. Altair kills Al Mualim. (link to picture on my DA: http://sound-resonance.deviantart.com... )
8. The Piece of Eden reveals a map showing the locations of the other pieces.
10. Desmond escapes Abstergo with undercover assassin Lucy.
11. Desmond enters the animus to live the memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze.
12. Ezio's father and brothers are killed as part of a conspiracy.
14. He learns of his families assassin heritage and trains to become one.
15. Ezio befriends Leonardo da Vinci, who builds new inventions to help.
16. Ezio is led to Rodrigo Borgia, who is now the Pope.
17. He defeats Rodrigo in the Vatican but lets him live.
18. Book smack
19. Ezio enters a secret vault where an ancient figure named Minerva warns of a coming disaster, speaking directly to Desmond.
20. In the present, Desmond and the others flee to a hideout in Monteriggioni.
21. Ezios home is now attacked by Rodrigo Borgia's son, Cesare, who steals the Apple of Eden.
22. Cesare steals The Apple from Ezio. =O
23. Ezio travels to Rome, where he gains new allies and recruits new assassins.
24. Cesare poisons Rodrigo.
25. Ezio steals back the Apple of Eden and eventually defeats Cesare.
26. Desmond retrieves The Apple but is forced to stab Lucy in the process.
27. Desmond falls into a coma.

All audio, video, costume, props and pictures were made by me.

Hope you all enjoyed the video, and Ubisoft, thank you for making a game which gives me so much enjoyment in both playing it, as well as researching the story behind all the little secrets you put in.


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