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Alice in Wonderland opera

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게시일: 2007. 12. 28.

Music by Unsuk Chin.

Adapted by David Henry Hwang, and Unsuk Chin after Lewis Caroll

World première by the Bayerische Staatsoper! The initially conventional Alice follows her dreams. There she meets a white rabbit with a waistcoat and a pocket watch, who guides her through Wonderland. Alice views it all with amazement and learns -- finally returning to the real world richer for the experience. The moral of the tale: we should all follow more white rabbits.

Korean composer Unsuk Chin wrote this opera based on the eponymous novel by Lewis Carroll. Alice in Wonderland: modern music that pleases the ear. Modern opera -- seductive, enchanting, sensuous -- and anything but hyper-intellectual. Kent Nagano conducts. The fairy-tale setings and production are in the hands of Achim Freyer. Only white rabbits guide us better through Wonderland.

In English with German surtitles.

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