A Jonas Love Story - Episode 1





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Published on Sep 9, 2008

Jonas Brothers
Joe Jonas
Nick Jonas
Kevin Jonas
Frankie Jonas
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato
Zoe Myers
Chelsea Staub
Emily Osment
Miley Cyrus
Vanessa and Zac
Ashley and Jared
And More To come

Story Plot:
Most of the Disney Stars are going to a normal school, a new school year. Pretty much everything is the same thing. Miley and Emily will be "evil best friends" [Haha] Demi and Selena are BFFS. Same for Vanessa and Ashley.

Couples already together:
Ashley Tisdale and Jared
Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron
Kevin Jonas and Zoe Myers [Just got together when the story begins]

[First day of school at the Jonas' House]

Joe: [Opens the door to Nick and Kevin's Room] Wake up guys, don't wanna be late.

Nick and Kevin: Go awayy. 5 more minutes.

Joe: Gosh, fine!

[1 hour later: Kevin and Nick are half asleep as they all arrived at school]

[All 3 of them bump into Demi, Selena, and Zoe]

Girls: Hey Guys! Whats up? Haven't seen you for a while!

Kevin and Joe:Yeah, we missed you guys!

Nick:Yeah. [Smiles]...

[Everyone hugs except for Nick and Selena]

Zac, Ashley, Vanessa, and Jared: Hey guys! Long time no see.

Everyone but Nick: Yeahh, Hows it going?

[Nick notices the class list while everyone has there own separate conversation]

Nick: Hey, lets go check out the class list hopefully were in the same class.

[All walk over and look at the list]

While walking over there, Joe whispers to Nick: Dude? What in the world was that!? Why are you being so shy .. and shallow today? I mean you were talking about her all summer and you didn't even give her a hug??

Nick doesn't reply and walks right over to the list.

Zac: Sweet! I'm with V, Jared, and Demi in History. Yes!!

Kevin highfives Joe and Zoe: Awesome, were all in the same Math class!

Ashley:[Smiles]Cool, I'm with Nick and Selena for Chemistry!

[Nick and Selena take a glance at eachother, Selena smiles but Nick is stoked but nervous]

[Bell Rings]

Zac, V, Jared and Demi: Well we better go to History, bye guys. [Waves]

[Everyone else takes off to there class]

[Ashley and Selena walk together with Nick by Ashleys side into the classroom]

[Nick finds Miley and Emily in the class.. while he tries to avoid them]

Writing Teacher: Alright, a new school year, a new class, now here's the assigned seats!

Emily and Ashley.
Nick and Selena.
Miley and Mandy.
....says all the other students names.

Now.. Take your seat and turn to page 15 and work on the problems with the person next to you.

Nick silently says: Oh great.. This is gonna be my favorite class.. *Sigh*
[Walks to his seat with Selena]

Selena: Hey Nick, I'm glad were sitting next to eachother. Are you feeling ok?

Nick [Nervous]:Huh, what? Oh, Um Hey. Yeah I'm doing ok. Just a little tired.

Selena:Oh I see. [Smiles]

Class Ends while everyone walks over to lunch together having there own separate conversations

Joe and Kevin: So how was it Nick?

Nick: Horrible. I sit next to Selena. And Miley, Mandy, and Emily are in my class. *Sigh*

Joe: Didn't you always want to sit next to Selena?

Kevin: Yeah Nick. Since you're in Chemistry now you can pull of your "joke" The one that goes like "Hey, Um what subject is this? Science or Chemistry?.. Cause I'm feeling some Chemistry between us"

Joe: Nick, don't ever say that. That's the most cheesy joke I've ever heard.

Nick just looks away but turns to Selena

Kevin and Joe walk by themselves ..

Kevin: Hey Why don't we push Nick over next to Selena for lunch?

[Joe already loves the idea that he pushed Nick across Selena at the lunch table]

Kevin thinks: .. Well I guess I do have great ideas

[Sits at the table]

Nick whispers to Joe: Why am I sitting here?

Joe: Well ask her out already

Sorry it was long. Oh well. :/ Hopefully the next Episode will be on sometime this week.


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