Secret War In Space - NASA Coverup? - Rare Footage - Proof that UFOs are REAL - Aliens being Attacked by Humans





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Published on Dec 29, 2008


You might deny it, but you CAN'T ignore it!

We are constantly being visited by UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings. Government coverup is a FACT. Misinformation is their way of doing things. Don't be oblivious to that which is obvious. You need to take action! Band together and DEMAND that the government tell you the truth.

Aliens are among us. Many are good, benevolent beings who mean us no harm. Some, on the other hand, are cruel and vicious towards humankind. OUR GOVERNMENT KNOWS THIS! And what do they do?

WATCH the videos in my FAVORITES. Especially, the video of Alex Collier.

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Personally, I feel all the Apollo astronauts are not only traitors to their own country, but to humanity.  I don't care if they are MK Ultra victims or not, they KNOW the truth and have chosen silence.  The only exception to that belief which I might consider is Gus Grissom and his crew members who died in the Apollo 1 fire.  If the old leaked audio allegedly made by Grissom to NASA Control at that moment in time is indeed factual, then it was no accident and Gus's dieing words said it all.
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Vader Vaders
I am not going to watch the entire video, because I saw this happen live. Did you know that on this day , during this event that for the first and only and last time ever NASA allowed a member of the public to pay for this very broadcast live feed?!? It was the department of Education that sponsored the feed and was broadcasting live to thousands of young students in the USA direct to their classrooms. The astronauts were in the cockpit and talking live, in colour to the students while panning cameras from inside the space station to the black and white cam , outside the space station. The astronaut inside the shuttle took notice of this activity, stood up leaned into the shuttle window for a better look while stating how strange it was. At that moment the camera inside the shuttle zoomed in and took Colour video of this same event. So This black and white vid is from the outside cam. Anyway moments into this happening NASA cut the live feed, leaving untold thousands of viewers hanging. NASA never allowed an outside entity to pay for live feed ever again following this event. So , somewhere there is a colour version of this very occurrence from within the shuttle.
Phil Moufarrege
there was another video I'm trying to find where this footage was taken from. It used to be on youtube, it's 50 minutes long and shows a lot more than just these snippets. it was the original footage.
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The real point of interest here is the narrators voice, He's either fighting throat cancer, or an alien.
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troy henderson
why is that guys voice so intense
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Cillian Tobin
If this was real footage, the government would have taken it down straight away
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Aldrin is a Masonic liar. He will propagate the phony 'cover up' as well as play a part in the even phonier 'Disclosure Project' later on.... you can't take a word this man says seriously. Just another deceptive NAShole Actronaut who played his a role in the Apollo Series.
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Vintage Headbands Bridal Weddings
Aliens are demons in disguise. The Bible tells us satan is the prince of the power in the air.
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Chrisli Durison
that last really bright object looks very similar to the ones filmed in space around that tether that had been broken off,,,to this day we have been given BS explanations about what these things are,,,we prob wont b certain unles they come and land all over the place,,becuz there r very compelling videos out there today ,yet we still have the naysayers.Well i know what i saw ,along with the 12 other ppl with me that nite was not normal,or of this world.It took off at a speed that our eyes couldnt even keep up with where it went to ,,,but yet mere seconds my phone rang from a friend who lived miles and miles away telling me ''u r not going to believe what we just saw'',,and i described it before he had a chance to .So,,these ARE NOT ice crystals,,or ball lightening !!!!!!!!I feel they are the watchers spoken of in the Bible,,,aka-the creators of the Neph.....the evil fallen ones that will one day deceive the whole world!
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