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Published on Jul 13, 2011

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So he works out for an hour and a half every morning with a personal trainer, yet has never visibly lost any weight? That trainer should be fired.
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My God Pete Docter IS THE BEST!!!!!! I don´t blame he about to like sweets :) "Sweets are delicious :D Like if you are seeing it on 2016 after Inside Out XD
dylan bellerose
As a person who is currently studying animation in college you definitely have a better understanding on how long it takes to make a movie and what's put into it, A lot of people may not like cars 2 but I actually really like it because I can understand all the effort and time that Pixar put into it so I have a better appreciation for it.
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Ginger Mawyer
"He takes everybody's ideas and makes them his own."........What? That's a horrible way of explaining you love the fact he puts your  ideas on screen.
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A113 like if you got this reference
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Alberto Romero
 It is pretty ironic that I want his level of success but I do not want his wealth. I would love to be in a place in life where, like him, I could be seen as a creative genius by a lot of people and be the head of a renowned studio that I created but I would not want to live like this guy. I don't want to own half of the stuff he owns or live in a house like that or even have a personal trainer. I feel guilty enough being raised by a single mother in the grey area between working and middle class (definitely leaning more towards working), having gone through a foreclosure, and still being comparatively wealthy to a lot of my school mates. If I get to his level of success and accomplishment I would still be taking the bus and subway to my office most days and only driving when I absolutely know I will be staying late and it would be a newer Ford and home would be an okay apartment that I can obviously pay for without freaking out about other priorities. I know his wealthy lifestyle is not the point of the video but I could not tolerate myself living that type of life even if people will say that I have definitely done more than enough to earn it.
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Wanted to meet this guy since I was 4 years old!
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All I need in my dream is to work at Pixar Studio, I wish to communicate, collaborate with people around, discuss stuff you know, basically just to be part of it, that has something to do with cartoon, animation, art, engineering, editor... yea im hoping to reach my dream :)
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I met John Lasseter at the world premiere performance of "Frozen" on August 17th (and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and Thomas Schumacher)!!! It was actually his Hawaiian shirt that tipped me off first thing (he was wearing a shirt with Olaf on it, and coincidentally, so was I! He and Kristen and Robert even took a picture of me in my shirt before I took pictures with them!!)!!
You know what, I'm not going to lie, there's literally nothing I can find that's all that likeable about this guy after watching this.  He basically seems like what would've happened if Chris-Chan wasn't a complete failure at everything and somehow wound up with extreme financial wealth.  He's really nothing more than a giant child in a fat, balding middle aged mans body. He seems to take more legitimate pride in his material possessions such as a private winery, a child's train set that runs throughout his entire gigantic house, and room full of idiotic Hawaiian shirts more than anything else.  Anyone else notice how his family was just barely a footnote in this, and also how senseless of an amount of merchandise he has for these movies he made?  Yes I understand this is about his company Pixar, but honestly that kind of put me off.  You're a grown man, there's no reason you need a collection of every Buzz Lightyear figure ever made when your sons have ALL stopped playing with them too... Then we see how he treats the people who make sure he continues to have his extreme wealth, and its no different...he's got a "how much money are we making today" attitude...  At that point I just don't even care about all this cool stuff he's done with these films himself, I'm just confused how guys like this end up becoming billionaires and the people who do all the work just become faded away nothings almost in the animation industry.  I'm glad to know that Mr. Lasseter has a successful business, but I'd be much more happy to know the story of the people who ACTUALLY make these movies look the way they do and what really goes on during the painstaking hours and hours of hard work they have to dump into these projects.
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