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Textbook Disproves Evolution With Monsters?!





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Published on Jun 25, 2012

Private school teaches that the Loch Ness Monster disproves the theory of evolution  

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Comments • 9,819

Nope, not if they want state accreditation. I mean if private colleges have to adhere to state standards then so do private primary-secondary schools.
They can teach anything they want in their schools. just like if a private school wanted to teach the book LOTR as proven fact that dwarves, elves, humans and orcs all live together on this planet. I just feel for the kids that graduate from the school and realize that the rest of the world doesn't share the views of what they were taught in school. I have to laugh when I hear someone claim that humans have only been alive for 6000 years. lol
Joshua Ogle
QOD: No. Parents have a legal obligation to send their children to school. This doesn't mean they can send their children to a random institution that calls itself a school and teaches children whatever they want. Parents have some control over how their children are educated by choosing their school, but the law is their to protect children from irresponsible decisions by their parents or others.
Jaydon Tobler
everyone knows those parents would be completely opposed to an Islamic fundamentalist school though, but they're totally fine with a Christian fundamentalist school.
Throwback Thursday! Anyone? crickets chirping Okay, I'm out. :/
According to the US constitution, yes, because the US constitution doesn't define what exactly was meant by the freedom to practice one's religious creed nor did it define what freedom to speech really entails. The supreme court has been interpreting this for some time now depending upon the religious beliefs of the Supreme Court judges in power. Hence the cause for America's rapid collapse into oblivion like the Republic of Rome which eventually became a dictatorship before being viciously destroyed by revolutionary wars and outside invasion of the Khan, and others. So, yes, schools can teach anything and it doesn't have to be fact because science is still only a belief system which may or may not have any actual facts to support it just as the Bible was once considered the center of the universe. Science is doomed by whatever fundamental errors it has in its own logic. This cat and mouse debate can go on forever because it's rooted in the error that two different systems of belief and value can coexist dividing the same resources. Oh well! People are too chicken shit to realize the fact that you can teach anything you want and that it really doesn't mean science or the Bible is right or wrong. It could be they're both seeing the same thing and talking about it in two different ways but neither one is wrong. It's a matter of perspective not fact science is a religion also. They have all kinds of fantasy based ideas that are strangely reminiscent of the Greek religion. In America freedom reigns so it's actually not right to stop them from teaching whatever they want. Bible, Darwinism, etc. That's the gambit of freedom anything really goes and it's no one's right to stop it because if they do they're making an arrogant claim to be right and everyone else is wrong. That's the danger of the dance called America and it's idea of freedom. 
yes, but if they go "off the rails" they should lose accreditation as they do not adhere to state standards.
Way Of Light
I can't watch this evolution is not what I believe I'm with ace because every thing is just a matter of perspective 
Andrew Kwasek
as long as a privately foundered organization is not teaching things that go against written Law they should be allowed to teach what ever they want. Science is not Law so breaking it will result in no legal action or enforcement. If you decided that privately funded schools can't teach what they want, then its just one step away from other privately funded organizations... like churches, mosks, temples.... Also, its books like that and people like those who wrote and published it that makes the whole of christianity and creationism/ID look stupid when really they are not all that bad. Also: "They are being brought up to believe that they are at war with secular society. The only valid government would be a christian fundamentalist government. Obviously some comparisons could be made to islamic fundamentalists"  Christians educations systems do teach more on the conflict that exists in society and the educational system when it comes to spirituality and creation vs evolution. But thats because there is a conflict and there are two main sides to it. christian creationists vs secular evolutionists. I think it is a flaw that it is not discussed to more of an extent in public school, and i dont mean trashed, actually discussed with out negativity and hostility. 
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+Andrew Kwasek Not necessarily, but it shouldn't be taught in science class if it's not science. Just like you wouldn't teach french in english class, or literature in math, etc. The bible can be taught in school as literature as a matter of fact, which is fine since it's literature.
Andrew Kwasek
+bluedragon82988 But if something is not science, does that make it not true?
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Science. Jesus! That IS child abuse. Signing up their children to be f*kng mormons uhh morons, yea morons. 
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