What Prophecies are there left to be fullfilled





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Published on Sep 8, 2009

Christians that keep up with the world events know that we are closer to the 2nd coming of Jesus. The bible has devoted countless prophecies to this. All have come true up to this point.

The question is what is left before the returning of Christ, not to be the world leader this time, but to take his church out of what is going on in the world so the Ant-Christ and 7 year tribulation will begin.

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Michael Kinsey
He who endures to the end will be saved, not those who didn't have too, being raptured.
Robert Cummings
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CHRIST show us how to use Law, by the Spirit, Law of the Spirit, of Righteousness and not of condmenation - whoever picks up the sword, will go down by the SWORD !! (LAW, for we dont know how to use it) . Over and over, Christ reiterated LAW, ex: do unto others, as you would have done unto you; furthermore, He showed us more, to keep knocking, keep asking, (to maintain in Him) , for if we stay in 1 place, how else can we learn more about GOD, for Law is always moving, always learning. 
for God is LAW, He is perfect, and through His Son, can you truely get to the Father; for HOW can you have PEACE, without a FATHER FIGURE , it is a place where you learn, and pass it on to your children.. therefore, if there is a Father, then there is a Son . His linage is not from Abraham or Adam, but it goes all the way back to From The Begining, was The WORD -- and it became FLESH, to pay the sin of the World.
Bree Bee
The rapture is false doctrine. 
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Leofwen English.
This rapture heresy started with John Nelson Darby 18th century a Satanist, Freemason and agent of the Rothschild-owned British East India Company.
Bert Graef
one coming day, we will probably see Israel routed, them trying to get out of the land in abject fear and terror, and no Messiah coming to save them. If you consider me a liar and false prophet, just consider this one thing. Read Psalm 2 before you start using Psalm 83 as a manifesto for antichristian Zionism.
raymond lindroth
The 10 lost tribes of Israel are NOT LOST. THE Creator Yahweh spread the 10 tribes of Israel around the world so He could put the literal blood of Abraham in the SAVED. Only Yahweh's born again Israel has ever been saved and ONLY Yahweh's born again Israel will ever be saved. ONLY those who have the literal blood of Abraham AND born of Yahweh will be saved. Born of the water and the Spirit. John 3: 5. NO Jew or christian has ever been saved . Both must be born again. WHEN a Jew or christian is born again they CEASE from being jews and christians and are GRAFTED into Yahweh's born again Anointed ONES. Rom. 11: 11- 33. May THE creator Yahweh give you your hearts desire. Heb. 12: 14. bless you
terry ferguson
YES,IMMEDIATELY after the tribulation.Many false teachers have gone out into the world.
Robert Cummings
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