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Published on Dec 10, 2010

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Never, ever, ever run into a gas cloud of ANY kind.
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Mr no, this is a training video use to teach what not to do. What happened in this video was, unfortunately, the real thing and the two people did die.
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JJ Anthony
Very sad. He was just trying to help and it cost him his life.
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Walt Wayman
Clarence Trotter not you though if you have to speak about it.
twizted scythe
Clarence Trotter everyone I ask says blacks aren't bigger
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So sad he gave his life. The disrespectful comments are disgusting.
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where is CNN when a cop is actuallly a hero??
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From everything I read on this, this is a real event but the officer did not die. There are no records of death for Illinois police on the day this happened. So, your title is bullshit.
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This was only a training video, and this officer did not die from this at all.
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Linda Harper
They may very well use this for training NOW. But at the time of the incidentit was the REAL THING! Remember the police officer telling dispatch that there might be a fire because he could see "smoke." That wasn't smoke.
Makes sense, i knew something did not add up. The smell is so overpowering that he would not be able to get out of the vehicle.
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Brian C
Always size up the situation, wear proper PPE...how many people can a dead emergency responder help? This is not a laughing matter or to be taken jovially...and I am in no way taking a jab at the officers sacrifice...he had a heart of gold...unfortunately he paid the ultimate price for NOT following safety protocols and practices
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John Jones
How is he supposed to know it is poisonous gas?
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Sweetcheeks Babycakes
This would be anhydrous ammonia typically injected into soil or a stream or piping of irrigation water, nitrating it. Anhydrous ammonia has an affinity for water so one whiff and you're dead* as it attaches to every water molecule in your respiratory tract. This is why the fire crew hits it with water spray.
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Richard Nose
+Gaby Gabriel Preaching on YouTube about Hazmat response is sweetbeaksbabysnakes's forte, I'm sorry to have encouraged it to continue spewing nonsense...
Gaby Gabriel
+Ed Fitz It's a gas release in some place.No "standard" scenario.A properly trained firefighters unit would adapt to the situation and take the best decision.You never spray water on LIQUID ammonia as it will volatilize it faster but you can on the gas and you can use that in your advantage to direct it away from things like houses.Sometimes you can't just let it go everywhere.There are more chances that a NH3 tank will explode in a populated area during transporting operations than when it just sits there waiting to be used.
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My heart goes out...I couldn't watch past 1:32 RIP. This was not your typical pepper spraying tazer toting inner city cop there. It's the rarest kind of cop today, the one you respect and are glad to know.
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+mtkl23 Sigh.
+MrGrapeRaisin fuck you, pigs are meant to be eaten
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Pedro Pepper
god bless his soul. this is sad and I feel bad for both of them.
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Vui Tran
+0llril I was shitted into feeling bad? fuck I've been bamboozled
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