1. myERP Founder & CEO speaks at the 8th CHINICT in Beijing.

  2. B5M Founder & CEO speaks at the 8th CHINICT in Beijing.

  3. Aigo 爱国者 Feng Jun 冯军 Founder speaks at the 8th CHINICT in Beijing.

  4. CHINICT Conference & Hackathon - Why they love it!

  5. Facebook's co-founder Eduardo Saverin & Franck Nazikian, CHINICT's founder.

  6. Why Luminaries & Leaders love CHINICT...

  7. The CHINAPPLANET Forum at CHINICT 4/4

  8. The CHINAPPLANET Forum at CHINICT 3/4

  9. The CHINAPPLANET Forum at CHINICT 2/4

  10. The CHINAPPLANET Forum at CHINICT 1/4

  11. CHINICT 7th Edition Opening Ceremony

  12. Why Luminaries & Leaders Love CHINICT (NoSub)

  13. Tsinghua Sc. Park Ventures' Jeromy Xue at CHINICT 7th

  14. Blackberry China's Greg Shea at CHINICT

  15. Innovation Works' Wang Hua at CHINICT

  16. P1.cn's Wang Yu at CHINICT 7th annual edition

  17. Dianxin OS' Zhang Lei at CHINICT 7th edition

  18. Linkedin's VP Arvind Rajan at CHINICT 7th edition

  19. Kaixin001's VP Guo Wei at CHINICT 7th edition.

  20. Qihoo/360.cn's VP at CHINICT 7th edition

  21. PPLive's CEO Vincent Tao at CHINICT 7th edition

  22. Google's Corp. VP John Liu at CHINICT 7th edition

  23. BAIDU's SVP Haoyu Shen at CHINICT 7th edition

  24. Keytone VC's Joe Zhou at CHINICT 7th edition

  25. Intel Capital's Chris Pu at CHINICT 7th edition

  26. Trilogy VC's Steve Bell at CHINICT 7th edition

  27. Steamboat VC's Olivier Glauser at CHINICT 7th edition

  28. Matrix Partners' Harry Man at CHINICT 7th edition

  29. DFJ's Rebecca Peng at CHINICT 7th edition

  30. Qiming VC's Hans Tung at CHINICT 7th edition

  31. Youlu's Richard Robinson at CHINICT 7th edition

  32. Didatuan's George Song at CHINICT 7th edition

  33. SambaTech's Gustavo Caetano at CHINICT 7th edition

  34. Tianji's Derek Ling at CHINICT 7th edition

  35. Rekoo's Sun Jianbo at CHINICT 7th edition

  36. Qunar's Fritz Demopoulos at CHINICT 7th edition

  37. Wukong's Nick Yang at CHINICT 7th edition

  38. Yeepay's Chen Yu at CHINICT 7th edition

  39. DFJ's Tim Draper at CHINICT 7th edition

  40. Qiyi's Yuan Bin at CHINICT 7th edition

  41. Aigo's Feng Jun at CHINICT 7th edition

  42. CHINICT 7th edition 2nd Day Opening

  43. Why tech innovators love the CHINICT conference...

  44. Investor & blogger Dave Mc Clure speaks at CHINICT.

  45. IVP partner Masashi Kobayashi speaks at CHINICT.

  46. IVP partner Akio Tanaka speaks at CHINICT.

  47. Tencent deputy director speaks at CHINICT.

  48. Zhongguancun Z-Parks deputy director speaks at CHINICT.

  49. Yeepay co-founder speaks at CHINICT.

  50. Wukong vice president speaks at CHINICT.

  51. Ushi.cn founder speaks at CHINICT.

  52. Silicon Valley Bank SVB China chief rep speaks at CHINICT.

  53. Softbank partner speaks at CHINICT.

  54. SJS founder speaks at CHINICT.

  55. Qunar EVP speaks at CHINICT.

  56. Pplive / Pptv CEO speaks at CHINICT.

  57. P1.cn founder speaks at CHINICT.

  58. Nokia Growth Partners partner speaks at CHINICT.

  59. Niurenku founder speaks at CHINICT.

  60. Nasdaq head of ASPAC speaks at CHINICT.

  61. Matrix Partners partner speaks at CHINICT.

  62. London Stock Exchange head of ASPAC speaks at CHINICT.

  63. Kaifu Lee 李开复, founder of Innovation Works, speaks at CHINICT.

  64. KPCB partner Tina Ju speaks at CHINICT.

  65. Kookypanda CEO speaks at CHINICT.

  66. Keytone Ventures principle speaks at CHINICT.

  67. Kaixin001 COO speaks at CHINICT.

  68. Ipinyou CEO speaks at CHINICT.

  69. Intel Capital China director speaks at CHINICT.

  70. Footbalistic founder speaks at CHINICT.

  71. GRP partner Mark Suster speaks at CHINICT.

  72. 360.cn / Qihoo vice president speaks at CHINICT.

  73. 3G.cn GM speaks at CHINICT.

  74. Exmart founder speaks at CHINICT.

  75. Borqs founder speaks at CHINICT.

  76. Aigo founder Feng Jun speaks at CHINICT.

  77. Blackberry head of China speaks at CHINICT.

  78. 'Rising Star' Ncore addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  79. Taishan Capital addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  80. 'Rising Star' NthCode addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  81. Intel Capital addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  82. 'Rising Star' Yeepay addressing CHINICT (snapshot).

  83. Serial entrepreneur Nick Yang's views on CHINICT (snapshot)

  84. NYSE Euronext addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  85. Serial entrepreneur Kerr Xu's views on CHINICT (snapshot)

  86. Sequoia Capital addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  87. 'Rising Star' SJS addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  88. Steamboat Ventures addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  89. 'Rising Star' Wukong addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  90. London Stock Exchange addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  91. Entrepreneur Xiaofeng Jin's views on CHINICT (snapshot)

  92. Movie star & entrepreneur Daniel Wu 吴彦祖 about CHINICT - China's #1 Tech Conference.

  93. Movie star & entrepreneur Daniel Wu 吴彦祖 addressing CHINICT - China's #1 Tech Conference.

  94. Draper Fisher Jurvetson addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  95. China buisness expert Duncan Clark's views on CHINICT and business in China (snapshot)

  96. CEO of RIM/Blackberry China addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  97. 'Chinese Wikipedia' Hudong addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  98. About.com addressing CHINICT (snapshot)

  99. Kong Zhong (Nasdaq: KONG) addressing CHINICT (snapshot)