M16 vs AK47 :Which one is better?





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Published on Dec 21, 2010

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The debate between these two legendary guns will never end. Leave your comment below and explain why you feel the way you do.

One single weapon doesn't win wars except for maybe an atomic bomb. And furthermore just because a country lost a war it's never because of one weapons performance. Its usually politics that win a war....and its usually politics that keep soldiers from using certain tactics or weapons that could win the war.

Only an idiot would say the US lost Vietnam because the M16 "jammed" in the jungle. If that is the case then Russia should have won the 1980's Afghanistan war since the AK is so reliable? One single rifle platform doesn't win or lose a war. Politics wins wars.

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Underscore Zero
yeah but the ak has a 1 shot headshot at any range on the map.... wait..
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Eric P
DeZouZeS 秘 they literally just said the m16 has better distance u fucking idiot
Faze Blade
Underscore Zero In cs go it works. In real life the Glock also works
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Dive Dodge
They are both good rifles. But if I was in serious shit, and I had to choose 1 weapon to keep me alive, I want an AK 47.
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Amel Didic did you eat a lot of paint chips as a child?
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Rock Star
AK 47 is the Best
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PixelWolf 155
Rock Star m16 is way better
Comrade Kommodore the m16 is not unreliable... in a lot of situations, it is more reliable than the ak, due to it's design being more closed off(with the inclusion of a dust cover) thus making it harder for filth to get in. this notion that the m16 is inaccurate is because a bunch of fat lazy brass up in Washington during Vietnam's beginning thought that issuing the wrong bullets, no training manuals, and no chrome lined chambers would all be a smart idea because it would cut costs down.. in fact, if i remember, there was a huge internal investigation because it was concluded that these acts bordered on criminal offense, but no specific perpetrators could be tried or convicted.. a gun doesn't need to tear apart someone in seconds, it only needs to kill them, which one or two shots with a m16 would do more than well enough.. i don't know why people think the ak is soo much simpler than the ar... it has just as many moving parts.. maybe from it's cost? the soviet era(wood n' steel) ak costs so much less because it's made offf... wood and steel!.. it's more expensive to produce the materials needed to make the ar than it is to make the ak... that's why there are so many terrorist organizations in the middle east using ak's left behind by the soviets in the 80's.. This is also why ak's made of modern materials such as fiberglass and aluminum that are praised so much by fanboys no longer have the cost advantage, and still weighs more than the m16 due to the cartridge that it fires.. also, the m4 carbine is a carbine for a reason.... shorter-range combat, which the m16, being of the same length and lighter weight than the ak doesn't perform particularly worse in.. the ak and ar are both AMAZING rifles, they are the ones that every modern rifle has been based off of and has taken inspiration from..and of course, some new modern rifle will eventually outclass both of them given enough time(with guns like the scar).. i guess if you ran out of ammo the soviet era ak would be better if you had to swing it around like a club once you ran out of ammo, i'll give it that.
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Dante Crosetto FroztyTacos
RIP Mihkal Klashnikov.... We remember your for the stereotypical badguy gun
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Dante Crosetto FroztyTacos ffs the ak is the bad guy gun because in movies aks are mostly used by gangs
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Bill Melater
Good lord. Saw the title of this video, clicked it, scrolled down and sure enough, the comments section is just as dumb as I thought it would be.
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I thought that too, and we weren't disappointed.
Cringe Bot
What the fuck...
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Danijel Nikolic
Yo assholes AK-47 was invented in 1947 ... Of course the american shit is better because he was invented 15 years after ... compare an ak-12 to all american weapon today you'lle see the russians stuff is so much better.
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Dalton Garrett
Danijel Nikolic just because something is newer doesn't mean it's better. There's a reason we used the M2 for as long as we did
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Ron Armstrong
Far easier to make an AK accurate than it is to make an M16 reliable. Love my AK.
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Crunchy Pasta
Ron Armstrong 100th like!!!!
German Redneck Usally in the war you too busy saying alive then cleaning your gun it don't matter if the M16 clean it's still get jamed by little rocks,water and mud
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Thịnh Nguyễn Quang
The reason for the Vietnamese soldiers to get close to the American was not just because of the gun but also to minimize the advantage of artillery and air support. The American soldiers were too dependent on those kinds of support so they used them every time. When this advantage gone, there were nothing they could do but retreat.
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m16 was used in the Vietnam war, soldiers regularly changed their weapon fore the AK because the m16 was jamming dew to humidity. the AK had no trouble firing in any weather condition.
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this comment section is cancer, literal cancer... everyone in here sounds retarded, illiterate, or russian, but what's the real difference between those three?
AZ The Most Underrated
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Actually heavier bullets are more accurate than lighter bullets, thats a fact.
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Rusaina Mansib
+PixelWolf 155 g c heroes
maybe look up things like operation Arclight...Over 7 million tons of bombs were dropped by the US during the Vietnam War could have something to do with your number discrepancy...just sayin....
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