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Published on Dec 1, 2008

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hl2.exe has stopped working
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+grumpychris Naw; they purposely left out some areas of On a Rail, but only left out certain areas of Surface Tension because the guy originally working on those areas left the team before he could finish his work.  Whether or not they'll re-add the missing Surface Tension areas when the full game releases, we'll just have to see.  As for On a Rail, they'll probably leave it as it is, but, considering modders like TextFamGuy did an excellent job reconstructing the missing areas, they may include his work in the final release, or simply use it as somewhat of a guideline and refine/optimize the structure and performance of those areas a bit.
+jrcartwright21390 They purposefully left out some areas of Surface Tension and On a Rail because they felt that it would make the game worse if they left it in, and that the parts felt unnecessary.
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modders of this game dunno if you can read this, BUT if you release a half life black mesa source GOTY edition with half life blue shift and half life opposing force modded with source engine? in one package? I will pay double for what you're asking right now on steam
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+Particular Particle Omg are u a Black Mesa Source Hater???? Well if u are then Fk u if not then i dont give a fuck
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Tapferer Toaster
1:24 Badass mode activated :D
Lolo Html
that scene was lit af
Hell yeah :D
The Fan Blower
They delivered... something beyond our expectations
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it will be in this winter
Old Liquid
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David Bridges
When I read up on the development history of this game, I was actually amazed this got finished at all, let alone with amazing quality! They basically had a team of 14 to 80 people (a number that varied wildly because many people would leave the project and others would join up), which consisted of students and hobbyists who worked on it only in their spare time. Turns out, it's really hard to make a Valve quality remake with no money or industry experience. They thought they were almost done when they released this trailer, only they hit a butt load of problems when they tried to reach the 09 deadline. They almost decided to cut out most of the original levels in order to get it out on time, but they decided to delay release in order to put out a quality game. I was actually kind of awestruck when they released the free version in 2012. It felt like a triple A title, but I was getting it for free.
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Zanturaz Cordanza
2014 and still nothing.
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Joey Asagiri
+CheeseUnited! Jensen It's not just that, they are making many more changes to the game including online multiplayer, better graphics and overhauled gameplay
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XGaming Romania
Yay we will get the xen levels in the summer of 2017
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Still no xen levels :( maybe in december?
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Tristen Yeak
The shot of Gman and the siren and his "unforeseen consequences" line playing in the background is pure genius.
My favorite part of this.
Seinfeld Font
jesus christ i remember being in 6th grade watching this video...funny how this game is just now coming into fruition
I'm just getting into the world of Half-Life. Could you recommend me how to play the games in order?
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+Richie131hun Half-Life Half-Life: Opposing Force Half-Life: Decay Half-Life: Blue Shift Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2: Episode One Portal Half-Life 2: Episode Two Black Mesa Hope this helped.
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