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Published on Apr 26, 2007

In episode 6.08, Jess tells her that she isn't acting like herself and wakes her up from her pointless existence with her grandparents and Logan. They are so perfect for each other!

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Stark Wolf
Hands down the best scene on Gilmore Girls. This is why they were perfect for each other. Jess knew her better than anyone & he was the only one who could talk some sense into her. Dean never understood her in that way & Logan was too wrapped up in himself to care. And Jess went out of this way to help her even after they had broken up. He truly cared for her the most. I didn't like that Rory became a snotty trust-fund Porsche loving brat in season 6. Jess was right, they used to make fun of ppl like that & then Rory became one of them. Paris said it best, Logan was "a waste of a trust fund". You just know Rory & Jess eventually found their way back to each other. Esp since out of all her bf's, Jess was the only one she remained friends with. He understood her better than anyone else did or ever could. 
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Check Plus
This scene really proved to me that Jess was the right guy for Rory. He saw she was going in the wrong direction and knew he couldn't tell her what she wanted to hear. He needed to give her a real wakeup call that she was lost. He was there (for what two days maybe?) and he saw that she was in trouble and needed help. Logan had been dating her for awhile and was too consumed in his own pity to try to help her. That is why I never supported her relationship with Logan. She always had to take care of and focus on him and I don't think that care was returned.
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tasha gardiner
This was the scene i loved the most, when he says i know better than anyone and he was right no ever took the time to ask what was going on with her or find out way she was lost, Logan was too much into himself to care and grandparent was too happy she turn to them to ask any questions. Jess was her equal and she was his,
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this is one of my favorite scenes on the show.  it showed how much jess had progressed since he was last seen in the penultimate episode of the 4th season.  seeing what happened to rory forced him to really say something.  rory got crushed by some asshole who doesn't know anything about newspapers or journalism.  lorelai tried to get rory back on track but didn't fully understand how lost rory was.  richard and emily i think tried to protect her and give her something to do but richard realized that they're making things worse.  if it was dean who had returned, he wouldn't do anything because he's a fuckin' tool.  jess was the right person at the right time to really get her back on track and wake up.
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Andressa Boorges
This is the scene that proves that Jess is the right guy for Rory, he opened her eyes to the mess she was doing with her life, was not Lorelai, grandparents or Logan... it was Jess! He knows her better than anyone else. Rory and Jess need to be endgame in the Revival!
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Lauren Todd
The fact that he remembers her birthday and Logan doesn't (even bother to ask when it is) says it all....
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Jess could always read Rory like a freaking book.  
This is my favorite scene in the entire series. I think its great and very ironic that Jess, of all people, especially with his history, would be the one who was responsible for turning Rory's life around, and bring her back to the fold after this scene. I do agree that they should've ended up together. I especially love the scene where he tells her he loves her. I think Rory was the only person in his whole life that he said 'I love you' to. Not even his family was given that priviledge.
Amanda Lopez
The great thing about this is that it's not even surprising that Jess would be the one to set her straight. Out of all the people in her life, he was the one who was never afraid to hurt her feelings. Rory is constantly praised and ass-kissed and reassured; her hand is always being held by somebody, telling her what she wants to hear. Jess was the only one who didn't do that. That's what set him in such contrast with Dean. Jess never babied her. Granted, as teens when they were together, that meant some bad relationship moments where he wouldn't even talk to her. But overall I think it's why they're the best potential couple. She also never babied him. Equals don't need to - and hopefully in the revival, they will have reached that understanding and can finally end up together.
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