20 reasons why Skripal nerve agent story is fake news - former BBC Salisbury reporter Tony Gosling





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Published on Mar 22, 2018

Christopher Steele, not Jonathan Steele

POINT 1 virtually no interrogation of story by media
Disinformation & lies being fed to journalists by MI5, police, Ministry of Defence & cabinet office press officers
Back of an envelope lies
Tony worked for BBC Wiltshire Sound as reporter 1992
Salisbury military: Bulford, Tidworth, Salisbury Plain; RAF Boscombe Down aircraft/weapons proving HQ; Porton Down chemical biological weapons HQ; Land Warfare centre Wilton; Chilmark nuclear weapons store
Stonehenge & Wiltshire at heart of UK defence for 1000s of years
Salisbury Common Cold Research centre Porton Down links, closed around 1990
2000 enquiry into 45 soldiers & marines died as guinea pigs after Porton Down tests
2008 £3m compensation awarded to families
Cannot trust Porton Down
Swanage on South Coast, spraying live bacteria, Julian had frequent chest infections as a child
Porton Down proximity to Salisbury hardly mentioned despite Novicok definitely there
POINT 2 nerve agents incredibly deadly
Why was a CID Detective Sergeant (DS) 1st on the scene not a PC?
Timing of Russian election
Are we accusing Russia of what we do?
Pablo Miller, Jonathan Steele, Orbis Business Intelligence an MI6 front & their job is to lie & kill
Sergei Skripal grudge against Russia?
POINT 3 rush to judgement, conflate fact & speculation
Craig Murray points out Novichok 'of a type developed by Russia' doesn't mean Russia did it, journalists acting as if it does
Jeremy Corbyn suggestion we should abide by OPCW procedures & internatonal law
Some senior UK military said Corbyn should not clear vetting or be Prime Minister
UK Psychological Warfare units Chicksands Bedfordshire, Brigade 77
Bell Pottinger took $500m from Pentagon to manufacture fake Al Qaeda videos then shown on UK news
POINT 4 the whole 'incident' could be live scripted drama
Litvinenko poisoning more likely by Berezovsky than Putin & how Putin turned tables on Russia's chief Oligarch in 2000, thereby taking back control of Russia from them
Pictures of Litvinenko in hospital appeared all over news
Who is behind policy of escalating tension - not in UK national interest to have nuclear war with Russia: its in US & Israeli interest?
Pushing policy in London is private Royal Institute for International Affairs think tank, Chatham House, ideas get exposure on the news, identical institution in the USA is Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
Opposition to Nordstream gas pipeline; blocking Russians in.
MH17 rush to judgement was beginning of EU Russian sanctions, Trump puts sanctions on China, all acts of war
According to ex-UN military analyst 'The Saker' modern warfare 80% Psychological Warfare; 15% Economic warfare; 5% Fighting with terrorists & armies
Would US bases in UK be hit by Russia first?
Wider game: Russia blocking NATO/Israel in Syria & Ukraine
Corporate media pro-Israeli bias
Craig Murray suggests Israel may be culprit
How Israel censors all criticism
POINT 5 no motive
UK govt/media conspiracy theorists conflating fact & speculation

'The blow back will be a separation of the thinking people from the mindless idiots in society, & an increase in social distrust and hostility towards the politicians & media and government institutions fomenting instability & the destruction of personal civil liberty through manufactured national hysteria. Essentially they've cried wolf far too many times to be given any respect by intelligent citizens'

POINT 6 did we not learn from Iraq WMD lies?
Criminal UK elite
Bullingdon Club - young men loyal to each other not to voters/leaders
Dividing society - Freemasonry - stupid credulous pliable people should rule over the intelligent?
Creates a fractured society.
Russians destroyed all their chemical weapons
Have ruling class 'lost it' this time?
Grenfell Tower Tory cover-up
Gavin Williamson's £48m 'bung' to Porton Down, a gangster state
Boris Johnson likens Putin to Hitler. As Prince Charles did. An insult to Russia 50m dead defeat of Hitler
Assassination of Princess Diana, Prince Charles climate trader con man
False flags
Russia Today channel crucial, Press TV already censored
Spycatcher revealed Victor Rothschild appointed MI5/6 bosses
WW2 confident Britain allowed Nazi propaganda broadcasts to continue
Are we now the Nazis? Feeding propaganda around the world?

English Civil War saw Cromwell's 1648 creation of first UK Masonic lodge, a conspiracy for judicial murder of king Charles I. Abbe Larudan: Les Franc-Macons Ecrasses
Recent Guardian articles on Freemasonry and the Illuminati

Gavin Williamson incredibly weak Defence Secretary, pliable to private interests
MI5 have taken over policing of Salisbury Skripal case. Recently removed Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale may have challenged MI5 Anti-Terror police
MI5 are responsible for UK terror attacks, just as FBI responsible in the USA


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