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Published on Jul 23, 2012

*sniffing* DRRRRAAAAAMA! :D Awww, sheeeeet! :P And I'm STILL IN MY JORDAN GRIZZLE PHASE, NOBODY CAN STOP ME! His voice just make ya' wanna' do some thangs to him! That's ALL! :D BUT RAY GOT MY HEART, DOE! ♥ *cough* Anjel. ROFL! NOW!

On to the story loves...

-Vee's POV-

So sadly.... Jordan had to go. -.- :'( Awww, the sexiness has vanished! But he said we'll talk tomorrow.. SO YAY! :D But yeah, anyways, back in my room and I happened to fall asleep, and when I woke up.. Jordan was at my bedside.. AWWW! He had bought me a domo plushie, since I told him I loved Domo. AWW. He's so sweet.. So of course.. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as a thank you, and he blushed.. AWW. :D He got me melting...

Me: Awww, thank you Jordan. That's too nice! *smiles widely; blushing; kisses his cheek*

Jordan: *blushing* You're welcome. *wipes his pants with his hands; takes seat next to me*

Me: How's your grandma, Jo? I'mma call you Jo if that's all right. *smiles*

Jordan: *laughs* Yeah, that's fine, and she's doing much better than before. *smiles*

Me: You know.. your smile just makes me melt, STOP SMILING! *laughing*

Jordan: Aww. *pinches my cheek; smiles again*

Me: STOP IT! *still laughing*

So, we were just giggling and playing around, getting to know each other even more and it turns out he has tattoos. OOH LALA. He showed me he had one on his chest and his arm. OH MY! SEXINESS! When he lifted his shirt, I just went.. O.O Couldn't speak.

Me: O_O OH. MY. JESUS! Are those real? *touching his abs*

Jordan: *laughing* Yes, they're real..

Me: Are you ticklish?

Jordan: *nervous* Why'd y-you ask?

Me: Oh no reason.. *laughing* I see the nervousness in your eyes.. I'll use that defense mechanism later, when you try and tickle me.. OR PINCH MY CHEEKS! -.-

Jordan: AWWW.. *pinches my cheeks* You're sooo gorgeous, you know that. *smiles*


Me: O.O *stuttering* I-I j-just d-d-ied and c-came back to l-life, yo.

Jordan: *laughing* Don't die again.. I just met you yesterday, VeeVeeLoves.

Me: *laughing* VeeVeeLoves?

Jordan: *embarrased blushing* Might as well.. Since you're so lovely.. *brushes my chin and winks*


Me: Don't start something you can't finish. -.- *laughs*

Jordan: Nah.. I ain't like that.. yet..

Me: O.O OH. KAY. THEN. Just know Jo, WE ARE FRIIIIEEEENDS right now. *laughs* You can flirt and all that, because indeed I don't mind, *laughs* but we don't touch this. *points to ass* got it?

Jo: Sure thing, VeeVeeLoves. *pinches my cheeks* Wanna' play some video games?

Me: *shrugs* Sure..

Jo: Alright then. *smiles and walks to entertainment station and cuts on XBOX 360, puts in Grand Theft Auto 4 and grabs two controllers; hands one to me* Here you go, love.

Love.. I'm dying ya'll. :D

Me: *smiles* Thanks Jo. Just know I'm VERY competitive.. When I beat you.. don't say nun.. But hol' up, I needa' move to the couch so I can give you the full effect.. *giggles*

Jo: OH YEAH.. *rolls eyes* SUUURE. *laughs*

Me: *starts getting off bed; sorta struggling*

Jo: *sees* You need help there? *walks over to me and helps me*

Me: *small smile* Thank you.. *grabs crutches and IV; goes to couch; groans* UGGGGH! I hate this cast, and this stupid ass IV. -.-

Jo: *laughs* It's alright.. I'm right here.. In plus you get out in like three days. *laughs again*

Me: *sits down on couch; puts crutches on the side* OH YEAH! WHATEVER! Three days is not a long time.. PSSSH. -.-

Jo: *laughs* You forgot I'm here..

Me: *blushes* I did.. *stomach growls*

Jo: *hears* You wanna' grab something to eat before we play down at the cafeteria?

Me: *nods* Sure.. *smiles*

Jo: Alright then. *pauses game*

So, he helped me into my wheelchair and grabbed my IV and walked with me down to the cafateria, we took the elevator cause I was on the DAMN 14th floor. -.- The cafateria was on the FIRST floor.. SO YAAAY! -.- So we grabbed something to eat, and talked more. After eating, we went back up, and started playing GTA4. I was SMASHING HIM AT THE GAME. Lol. He wasn't mad though.. He claimed he let me win.. YEAH RIGHT! Lol. He can play though.. but nobody can beat me. :D Hours passed and we were STILL playing.. But we had to pause the game, cause he went to check on his grandma, so I just waited until he came back.. I heard footsteps enter my room, so I thought he was back.. but when I turned around, I was immediately pissed. This nigga...

Ray.. standing there with flowers and Panda Express in his hand. -.- My night is ruined right now..

RQ Test:
Why doesn't Vee want him there?!

What's about to happen?! :O

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