Conker's Bad Fur Day - Walkthrough - Part 17





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Published on Dec 4, 2010

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Welcome back to part seventeen of the 'Conker's Bad Fur Day Walkthrough!' Now head up to the double doors you opened and go inside. Don't have your shotgun out at the moment. You are now in the cemetery, follow the path for a bit until you see the scene with the zombies coming out of the ground. Once the scene ends run back toward the doors and pull out your shot gun. *REMEMBER* The only way to kill a zombie is by a head shot. It is best to be further back away from the zombies because a head shot is not always easy. Use the laser targeting (hold R then hold Z) to blow the heads off of the first 4 zombies that come up.

Now put the shotgun back and run down the path till you are about even with the end of the fence. 2 more zombies will pop up. Jump over there heads and run over to near the doors again and blow off their heads. (Whenever you hear the load moaning that means there is a Zombie up and coming toward you)

Keep on following this pattern, walking a bit further until Zombies come out then running back a distance and pulling out your shotgun so you can shoot them. Once you've killed 12 zombies Gregg will appear and he will open the other exit so Conker can get up to his ancestor.

The path up to the house is similar to climbing up the mountain to talk to the barrel earlier, make Conker walk not run up the hill by pushing the control stick a little. Once the skeleton worm pops up push the control stick even lighter so he tiptoes past. Keep doing this until you get to the top there are 7 worms on the way up altogether. Once you are at the top enter through the door into the house.

Once inside there will be a rather long scene between Conker and his ancestor (his great great great great great great grandfather) They will show Conker walking through the house, and eating. Eventually there is a rapping at the door, which is the villagers. Your grandfather, who is a vampire, will turn you into bat in order to feed him the villagers you are protecting him from.

To use Batula: Fire Guano - Press the Z button Crawl while on ground/Guide while flying - Control stick Take flight while on ground - B Button Fly forward - B Button Fly Backwards - A Button
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Game: Conker's Bad Fur Day [Nintendo 64]
Rated 'M' for mature audiences
Brought to you by: Nintendo & Rareware
Played by: iTzMARKEG


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