2011 Super Snake vs 427 Cobra - Baddest Shelby Ever





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Published on Feb 2, 2011

Hot Rod Magazine took the two best Shelby vehicles of all time, the 427 Cobra and the new 2011 GT500 Super Snake, to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to find out which is the baddest ever.
Rob Kinnan from Hot Rod and Gary Patterson from Shelby North America race each car on the road course and the drag strip to see which is fastest in the different disciplines. Carroll Shelby tells why he created the Super Snake and shares what his favorite is!
Look for the full feature in the May 2011 issue of Hot Rod Magazine...it is a must see.

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Newer cars may now be faster and more comfortable, but they will never have the soul of a classic.
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Kurt Mardis
I agree RomVlad. I had a 2014 Mustang GT that I bought new, had it for 2 years and got bored with it. Traded it on a 2013 Shelby GT500. As insane as that was it was still boring to me. Too refined. Too luxurious. Fun to drive and take to car shows but was lacking the "soul" that you speak of. It was just another late model car.
earl verity
lol!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!  fricken perv.  what? couldn't he get some pootang the old fashion way?  you know wine and dine and her be willing?  he is also a big racist.
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The baddest Shelby of all time is the AC 427, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. It's beauty and the beast, it's like Jessica Biel on cocaine that wants to fuck all night.
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+SuedeStonn As far as i know, after Shelby's death it belonged to collector Ron Pratte. But he sold his collection in last January's Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale AZ. If you check out their site, you may be able to find it. I just hope someone drives it. Would be a shame to let it just sit like so many wonderful cars.
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I know this video is 4+ years old, but I gotta say what a complet fucking crock of shit. You IDIOTS put et slicks on the SS and fucking radials on the cobra and wonder why the mustang won? A completely 1 sided review. The AC 427 would smoke the stang with drag radials. Do it over and see for yourself.  HORRIBLE REVIEW. NOTE to self. Most guys who watch car videos on youtube KNOW HOW TO SPOT THE BULLSHIT. Dumbasses. SMH.
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I am with Manchild !!!
+Manchild my respect to you ... Because you've just put it how it is ( if is too see which one is the fastest so why put slicks only in the SS ??) I am with Manchild
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Fuck the super snake. Any asshole can drive one because od all the computer management. The 427 will bite anybody who does not have actual skill.
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Lots of people have been bitten by mustangs, drivers and bystanders alike.
Vincent Martinez
You mean "GTR".
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Mal P
427 any day all day
charlie dee
45 years more advanced and it still got its ass HANDED to it on the road course. That dragrace was a joke.  And one of your reasons the new one is better is creature comforts?? Really lame to compare things one car has to another that was built before those comforts even existed......  And finally, 45 years from now no one will remember the 2011, but the 427 will STILL be a classic.
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+charlie dee LOL spoken like a true brat. A least you're smart enough to talk shit over the internet, than in person. BTW, losing by a half second, to a dedicated race car, is "HANDED to it"???
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mike atkinson
Carrol Shelby, you the man
Met him once.  He signed about 6 die cast cars, glove box door from 65 my GT 350 tribute car and was super nice and down to earth.  He definitely contributed while on this earth.  A great Texan an full of BS in his day.  Liked to party too.  RIP Carroll
Steveo H
The cobra has panache, the SS is just another mustang...
+William Penate yea, it is. Mustangs are like assholes an opinions. Everyone either has or had one.
William Penate
the supersnake isnt just another mustang. -.-
Hawkin's Dog
I'll take the Cobra!
brad penhaligon
Carol shelby R.I.P
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