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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

Sequel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW9-Mj...

Okay, I'm sick of everybody posting "Crona is a dude!" In all sincerity, Crona does NOT have a specific gender. Please get your facts straight before you try to tell me what's what. Crona was made for fanservice. His/her main purpose? Have fans fall in love with them. He/She was created so that he/she could be paired with virtually ANYBODY and it would be gay or straight depending on the viewer's opinion.

Still don't believe me? Go watch the voice actor commentary on disk 01 of the Soul Eater Official DVDs. The voice actors literally go over Crona's gender as they watch the episode. They even say: "CRONA IS GENDER NEUTRAL. IT CAN BE A HE OR A SHE."

So therefore, I am NOT wrong, stupid, or 'not a true Soul Eater Fan.' Japanese is a totally different language when compared to English. It is common to call a character 'IT' without it being rude or offensive. It's difficult to call people and IT in English because it really takes away from their humanity. So, in order to keep balance, they said "Crona will be called HE. However, HE has no gender." Oh and yes. I do UNDERSTAND that they say HE in the dub. I know you could pull out a bunch of episodes and point your fingers and say 'HERE HERE. LISTEN.' BUT AGAIN, it doesn't confirm anything because even the creator of Soul Eater ANNOUNCED that Crona's gender is unspecified. I am all for Crona being a guy. In fact, I like it MUCH better. There is more evidence to point to it, but for those fans that believe Crona is a girl, they are NOT wrong.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that this is a PARODY. I thought Crona would fit the role well. That's all. There are more clips that supported it for this particular song, alright?

EDIT: Won't take the video down. But comments that say HE IS A GUY. Or SHE IS A GIRL, Will be removed. Thanks. (:

EDITEDIT: No more comments. I'm sick and tired of people that refuse to read descriptions.

Ahaha. Poor Crona.

Please don't take this seriously. I love Kiddo.

Wow. Thanks a lot guys! ♥ Much love to all of you!

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