New Checkout Procedures to Comply with FTC and Credit Card Provider Policy Changes.





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Published on Apr 1, 2016

Hi this is Robert Proctor with Multisoft corporation. I wanted to show you a recent change that we just implemented into the MarketPowerPRO e-mail and software system. This is really for our current clients so that you can see some changes that have come about because of requirements from the major credit card issuing companies, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as changes that are being required by the FTC. So I want to show you what we've done in the shopping cart. This is also for potential clients so that you can see how compliant we are with working with the major credit card providers as well as the FTC.

I'm going to go ahead and show you our shopping cart and let me get over to it real fast here. I'm going to add an item into the shopping cart. I'm going to go to the view cart and I'm going to go to the checkout page. We've got a little guest checkout that I'm going to check here so I don't have to create an account. And you'll notice down here at the bottom under the order review, the only checkbox right now is confirming that you're 18 years age or older before placing the order.

I'm going to go up here and login because I want to show you some changes that we've just implemented the last few days. Again, due to these requirements. If I go to company, registration settings, and customer registration settings, you'll see that we have terms and conditions that we can now show during checkout. We have a refund policy that we can now show during checkout. We have a cancellation policy, same thing, can be shown during checkout. I'm just checking these and saving these so that you can see what happens here. And I've got a shipping policy that we can show during checkout. And I have policies and procedures that we can show during checkout.

You'll notice that we have this really nice HTML, this content editor box below here so that our clients can actually edit all of the content that's shown for the terms and conditions, the refund, the cancellation, the shipping, the policies and procedures, as well as mail merge it so they don't have to type the company name or the address or phone numbers or e-mails when these things are changed in the company that happens every so often. You put it in once and you're done.

I'm going to go ahead and sign out now. I want you to see the changes that have actually occurred in the shopping cart from this. So I'm going to come back over to our shopping cart. I'm going to go back in and add a product into the cart, come over here and view my cart. I'm going to come down here and proceed to checkout and again I'm just going to click guest checkout. We can also do signing up with FaceBook, signing up with Twitter, doesn't really have anything to do with this presentation, so I'm just going to go to guest checkout and show you the new feature that's implemented.

You'll see that now in addition to the confirming your age, we now have a cancellation policy showing, the refund policy, the terms and conditions. Those are actually mail merged in with shopping cart settings. So we can change the zero days to three days, seven days, et cetera, can mail merged in with your phone, your e-mail, policies and procedures, shipping policy. You can also notice that when we click these, up pops the box that I just showed you was editable. So the reason this was really important that I wanted to get on as the President of Multisoft and show you these changes, again, we have major credit card companies out there along with the FTC are requiring some of these changes due to fraud, in order to decrease fraud.

This type of thing will also decrease the refunds that you as a client are going to have from your customers and distributors. They're going to see the terms and conditions, the shipping policy, the policies and procedures, et cetera. So we're trying to minimize risk, trying to do some risk management for our clients as well as our customers and distributors. So this is a really nice new implementation in MarketPowerPRO. We hope as our client you enjoy this. We hope as our potential client you'll be able to take advantage of this. If you've got any questions, please don't hesitate to give Multisoft corporation or your account executive a call and see how we can help train you on this, train your customer support department, or perhaps invite you on to becoming a new client to Multisoft. On behalf of Multisoft MarketPowerPRO, this is Robert Proctor and I want to thank you for your time.


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