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Published on Aug 22, 2014

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Day 2: 1 Million + views - Outstanding effort so far! Keep it Up! Share Share Share

Another view on the ALS #IceBucketChallenge - **Having a different view does not mean that you disagree with the good that something is doing or has done**

Let's keep in mind that this ALS challenge is great for them, but not to forget about the many other charities doing great work that helps a lot of other people do.

In no way have I helped in the making of or contributed to the content of this video, just really liked what he had to say so have stuck it on YouTube.

What Lincoln had to say on his post:
Thanks for the nomination Jorge Cadona.
I'd like to nominate everyone everywhere.


Thanks for the support guys.
Really I just thought this would be a creative way to get out of pouring cold water over myself; it's really cold and wet already here at the moment.
Just to clarify, nothing against the ALS Project, kudos to them for orchestrating a viral trend raising awareness/funds. However which charity receives the most awareness/funds shouldn't be determined by who can come up with the best social media gimmick.
There have been more than 1 million ice bucket video uploads and only 13 million dollars raised. Considering the individual wealth and celebrity star power involved, those figures are terribly disproportionate; because too many people have completely missed the point.
Sorry to get political, but while I've got your attention: Everyone (not just Aussies) should take a close look at their governments' investments (and cuts) into medical research. Those numbers go into the billions, just for some perspective. Again, instead of pouring ice on your head, get informed and use your vote next time you get a chance.

Stay well, and thanks again.

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L Jarrett
The thing is, if it wasn't for the ice bucket challenge no one would even know what Motor Neuron Disease is. I find his attitude offensive and disrespectful. The one time MND finally gets media attention, people feel the need to undermine it. Why can't MND have a time and place for awareness?. Yes there are other charities for other diseases and illnesses, but they are much more established then MND Australia. Anyone that thinks pouring ice over your head is a waste of resources is missing the point entirely. "Deal with it", really? say that to someone suffering from a terminal illness, I dare you.
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Justin Marks
+Anthony Esquero I'm not trying to dismiss your comment but my grandfather died of this horrible condition. A simple thing as spreading awareness can change the world for some of these people. Even if it's stupid as pouring a bucket of ice water over your head the word is still getting out there. So in the end, by saying we should just give up on this stupid ice challenge, you are saying why bother following a gimmicky trend that promotes awareness. I know by nominating my friends to do this challenge we have all contributed hundreds of dollars already to research. Most of the population had no idea what ALS or MND was before this trend. Did this stupid waste of resources help? Judging my how many people have involved themselves and donated I would say yes. A major help for a rather unheard of condition to most of the world. You're entitled to your opinion but I will never dismiss the fact these people are in dire need. Undermining a good thing, even if you think is stupid, is the complete opposite of what this trend was aimed to do.
+McKenna654 And about 70 fucking % goes into helping people that already have the disease, not everything is about fucking research, you idiot, people that have the disease need help too.
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Daniel Windle
so this is what Australian news is like lol In England he would be cut off the air haha
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Daniel Windle
erm it would. He's criticising something most of the general public approve of. Most English news stations would never dream of letting one of their presenters say something like this, it just wouldn't happen
Unconventional Jack
He wouldn't be cut off air at all in England ?
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30M is a great amount for charity but more than half the 'Ice Bucket' videos I've seen don't even mention the ALS charity - people seem to be too focused on throwing water over their head for their own self gain. If everyone actually gave a call to action for the ALS charity like the challenge is suppose to be about - we would have raised significantly more
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Design Trainer
Wow hey SilentCore I watch all your vids, I can't believe I actually found you haha.
+Melt Zer I think his/her point, which I read more of, is about the spread of the challenge not getting the message across. Even personally speaking, a lot of my friend's friends are doing the challenge just for the sake of facebook posts and likes. There a few that do mention ALS, brief descriptions which donations, but most I see look like its just a dare and do it just for the sake of not being called a pussy. Theres no denying that this challenge has definetly raised the awareness across the world and gotten a lot of people involved, but the ones who do it for self gain as his/her said can do without for me. I had to search up the purpose of the challenge elsewhere because the first couple videos I've seen didn't mention what it was for and felt like a dumb dare.
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Hjalmar Nyman
Or you can just pray to your "god". Surely that will help? Steve Jobs could be alive now, had he taken help from science. Science has brought us everything we cherish in our modern society. Instead of donating to some for-profit scam, people should educate themselves and do science. /r/science (on www.reddit.com) is a start. Hjalmar Nyman Atheist scientist 
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Watch "God is not Dead." Feel your ignorance
Boss Vids
+paddy clark Prove to me god exists
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Wanhin Seah
"Ice is for keeping fresh produce fresh, beers cold and your nipples hard." Wisdom.
That would have been a really good video had he not done the thing with the sun glasses and pose at the end.
that's Aussie Local News for ya
I assumed he used that 'meme' because the challenge has pretty much become one.
Mic Perez
Is this even real? It doesn't look like a real news station
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It's basically a regional news station for all states.
It is real, it is a regional news station in eastern Australia.
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John Douglas
we'll just ignore how little funding ALS had received since it started and how this is the most they've EVER gotten.  shh way to go dickwad news caster, how much do you donate to every cause on the planet?  nice suit you're wearing there! in a studio that could probably fund all the freshwater needed in the world.   ALS needed this, cancer has been funded very well for a very long time, the whole point is to spread the funding equally right?  with cancer you have a fighting chance, with ALS, you're fucked.
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Jim Maginnis
+John Douglas Yes yes, we know you can type statistics but you've never actually provided any or given any indication you understand the science. I am glad to hear you won't be bothering with me anymore - but it's hard to believe since you so need to complain.
John Douglas
statistics that show I'm not angry...  I'll let other people work out how crazy that actually is, I'm not bothering with you any more.  your childishness is just too much to put up with, you ignore rational logical points and then act like a spoiled, tantrum throwing child.  have a nice day.
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Matt Sterne
30 million bucks is 30 million bucks. Creative ideas are needed in 2014 to raise money for a charity full stop. Movember, Red Nose Day, No Makeup Selfies.... It's all the same. GET OVER IT. These things work (people giving to people and making fun of yourself), asking for money for a charity does not work as well. THAT'S A FACT.
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I agree with this guy 100%,  Nothing else really this guy pretty much said how I feel about the Ice bucket challenge.
+Melt Zer You're really funny.
Melt Zer
Ok, hipster.
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