Senator Jeff Merkley Announces New Plan to Help Underwater Homeowners





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Published on Jul 25, 2012

Senator Jeff Merkley takes to the whiteboard to explain his new plan to rescue the housing market.

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  1. 26

    Merkley: WIFIA Creates Jobs

  2. 27

    Merkley: GOP Boycott of McCarthy EPA Vote Embarrassing

  3. 28

    Merkley: WIFIA Creates Jobs

  4. 29

    Merkley on MSNBC: We Must End LGBT Employment Discrimination

  5. 30

    Merkley: No Internet Sales Tax

  6. 31

    Merkley: "Independent" Foreclosure Review a Farce

  7. 32

    Senator Merkley Speaks Out Against Social Security Cuts / "Chained CPI"

  8. 33

    Merkley: We must Cut Tax Loopholes

  9. 34

    Senator Merkley HSBC Q and A

  10. 35

    Merkley: HSBC Fines Just Price of Doing a Very Profitable Business

  11. 36

    Merkley: Cut Tax Giveaways, Not Important Programs for Working Families

  12. 37

    Senator Merkley Thanks CREDO on Filibuster Reform

  13. 38

    Merkley: Let's fix the filibuster

  14. 39

    Senator Merkley Thanks Fix the Senate Now Coalition

  15. 40

    Merkley White Board: It's time to Reform the Senate with a Talking Filibuster

  16. 41

    Merkley on Maddow: It Is Time To End This War

  17. 42

    Merkley Bill in WRDA Creates Jobs Through New Water Infrastructure Projects

  18. 43

    Senator Merkley in EPW on WRDA

  19. 44

    Merkley on CNN: We Need a Mass Refinance Program

  20. 45

    Geithner says Merkley Housing Plan "Very Good" Policy

  21. Senator Jeff Merkley Announces New Plan to Help Underwater Homeowners

  22. 47

    Merkley Speaks Out Against Citizens United and For Disclosure

  23. 48

    Merkley Announces Debate on the DISCLOSE Act

  24. 49

    Merkley Reacts To Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

  25. 50

    Merkley: Every Day, LGBT Face Employment Discrimination

  26. 51

    Merkley Opening Statement in Hearing on Bill to End Employment Discrimination (ENDA)

  27. 52

    Merkley Grills OCC Chair Curry on JP Morgan Trades

  28. 53

    Merkley: We Cannot let Student Loan Interest Rates Double

  29. 54

    Merkley: NDAA is Still a Threat to our Constitution

  30. 55

    Merkley: We Must Save Oregon's Rural Post Offices

  31. 56

    Merkley: Rural Post Offices are Integral to Communities

  32. 57

    Merkley: What's at Stake in the Ruling on Health Care

  33. 58

    Merkley: House Capital Formation Bill is Deeply Flawed

  34. 59

    Merkley: Stop Attacking Women's Health Care

  35. 60

    Senator Merkley Questions FHFA Director DeMarco

  36. 61

    Merkley: The Federal Government Must Keep Their Commitment to Oregon's Rural Counties

  37. 62

    We Must Strengthen the STOCK Act

  38. 63

    Senator Merkley on PIPA and SOPA

  39. 64

    We Need a Strong Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  40. 65

    The Constitution Must Be Upheld

  41. 66

    It's Time to End the War in Afghanistan

  42. 67

    Stories from Oregon

  43. 68

    Merkley: New Poverty Numbers Further Need to Focus on Jobs

  44. 69

    Jeff Merkley Pays Tribute to Senator Mark O. Hatfield

  45. 70

    Merkley: Debt deal is not the right path

  46. 71

    The Consequences of Default

  47. 72

    Our National Guardsmen and Guardswomen Deserve Our Support

  48. 73

    Why We Need A Bureau Dedicated To Consumer Protection

  49. 74

    The Bluegrass Boondoggle

  50. 75

    We Must Free America From Overseas Oil

  51. 76

    Merkley: The President Did Not Go Far Enough

  52. 77

    Senator Merkley Discusses Need to Change Course in Afghanistan

  53. 78

    Merkley: It Should Be a Homecoming with a Home

  54. 79

    Merkley: Republican Budget Puts Our Nation on the Wrong Track

  55. 80

    Merkley: We Can Have Security and Personal Privacy

  56. 81

    Electric Vehicles Will Help End America's Dependence on Overseas Oil

  57. 82

    Merkley: End Taxpayer Giveaways to Big Oil

  58. 83

    Sen. Merkley Announces Introduction of ENDA

  59. 84

    Merkley: Attacks on Clean Air Act Would Harm Health

  60. 85

    Merkley: House Budget will Destroy 700,000 Jobs

  61. 86

    Merkley: We Need to Focus on Jobs, Not Attack Women's Health Care

  62. 87

    Ask Jeff: What can Congress do to Fix the Housing Crisis?

  63. 88

    Merkley Calls for End to Violence against Citizens in Egypt

  64. 89

    EPA Will Work with State of Oregon on Portland Water Treatment Variance

  65. 90

    Merkley: We Need a Renewed Effort to Fix the Foreclosure Crisis

  66. 91

    Merkley Explains the Fight to Fix the Filibuster

  67. 92

    KPTV: Merkley Unveils Plan to Address Housing Crisis

  68. 93

    Merkley: It's Time to Fix the Broken Senate

  69. 94

    What it Will Take to Fix the Filibuster

  70. 95

    It's Time to Fix the Filibuster

  71. 96

    Merkley: We Should Focus on Working Families, not Bonuses for Billionaires

  72. 97

    Fixing the Filibuster - The Rachel Maddow Show

  73. 98

    Senator Merkley: It Gets Better

  74. 99

    Merkley: American families are facing bureaucratic nightmare when trying to keep their homes

  75. 100

    Merkley: Democracy Can't Work if We Can't Debate and Vote on Bills

  76. 101

    Merkley: Federal Government Must Honor County Payments Contract

  77. 102

    Powering Up Small Businesses to Create Jobs

  78. 103

    Merkley Works to Ban Trafficking of Animal Torture Videos

  79. 104

    Merkley: Elizabeth Warren is the Right Person for the Job

  80. 105

    Merkley on Countdown: Corporate Culture Must Change at BP

  81. 106

    Strengthening America by Ending our Addiction to Overseas Oil

  82. 107

    Helping Small Businesses Expand and Create Jobs

  83. 108

    Merkley on Maddow: Overcoming Obstruction to Create Jobs

  84. 109

    CNN - Merkley Pushes Oil Independence for a More Secure America

  85. 110

    Oil Independence for a Stronger America

  86. 111

    Merkley Stresses Need for Oil Independence

  87. 112

    Merkley Answers Health Care Questions from MomsRising Members

  88. 113

    Merkley Fights to Extend Unemployment Benefits

  89. 114

    Merkley Lays Out Oil Independence Plan

  90. 115

    Merkley Calls for Disaster Relief in the Klamath Basin

  91. 116

    The Merkley-Levin Amendment to End High-risk Trading Should be Voted On

  92. 117

    Merkley: Let there be a Vote on Volcker

  93. 118

    Sen. Merkley Calls for an End to Obstruction on Behalf of Wall St

  94. 119

    Senator Merkley Honors Nurses During National Nurses Week

  95. 120

    Merkley-Levin Amendment Promotes Lending to Small Businesses

  96. 121

    Senator Merkley Advocates for Strong Consumer Protection

  97. 122

    Sen. Merkley Talks to Dylan Ratigan about Common Sense Reform for Wall Street

  98. 123

    The Fight for Wall Street Reform

  99. 124

    Merkley Amendment Takes on Conflicts of Interest Like Those in Goldman Case.wmv

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