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Published on Mar 3, 2008


Are you ready for the bodyweight 1000? Youll be doing 1000 bodyweight repetitions in a bodyweight circuit workout for fat loss.

But hold on, not so fast. If you've havent tried the bodyweight 250, the 501, and the 750, then make sure you go back to youtube and find those videos and do one of those each week, finally building up to the 1000 after at least 4 weeks of training.

Now lets get ready to rumble with this bodyweight 1000 circuit. To start off this workout, you are going to do either 100 repetitions of jump rope or jumping jacks. Be sure to be explosive off the balls of your feet. For the jumping jacks, get your hands straight up over your head, making sure not to let them come out in front.

Once you have done all the repetitions for either of those exercises, you are going to do 100 close-grip push-ups. With your hands shoulder width apart, tuck your elbows into your side and perform a normal push-up.

After that, you'll move into 25 jumps followed by 25 pull-ups. For the pull- ups you want to use an overhand grip, wider than shoulder width apart. From a dead hang, pull your chin up over the bar.

Next, you'll do 100 bodyweight squats. Keep your hands out in front for balance and squat down, making sure to push your hips out and keep your back straight.

Again, you're doing all the exercises and repetitions with as little rest as possible. You can always break up the repetitions if you need to. For example, the squats can be split into chunks of 25, give yourself a quick break and then continue on. Whatever you need to do to get through the exercise, but try to take as little rest as possible.

After the bodyweight squats, you're going to head over to a wall and do 25 stick-ups. This is a nice little break after the squats. To perform this exercise correctly, be sure to place your feet six inches out from the wall, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and butt leaning against the wall. Then tuck your elbows into your side and then lift your arms straight up over your head as much as you can. Make sure to keep your body pressed up against the wall at all times.

Once you've completed all the repetitions for the stick-ups, you'll move on to 50 bicycle crunches. So lie on the floor and perform 25 crunches per side, bring your elbow to your opposite knee.

Next, you'll do 100 push-ups. You will more than likely need to break up this exercise, but again, try to rest as little as possible.

Walking lunges is the next exercise in the Bodyweight 1000 workout. So, for this exercise you will perform 50 repetitions, 25 per side.

After that exercise your legs will be feeling a lot like jell-o and so you'll probably be happy to be doing an upper body exercise. This time it is 50 inverted rows. You will want to set the bar at hip height, take an underhanded grip, and row your chest up to the bar.

Immediately following the inverted rows, you'll move into 50 stability ball leg curls. Get down on the ground, place your heels on the ball, bridge your hips up and curl your legs back in and then out.

Next, you'll stay on the ground for another round of bicycle crunches, this time 100, 50 per side.

You're now close to the end of the Bodyweight 1000. At this point, you'll perform 50 decline push-ups. Place your feet up on a bench and your hands down on the ground in a regular push-up position. Again, break these up if you have to.

After the decline push-ups, you'll go back to performing 25 inverted rows, this time with an overhanded grip. Use a grip that is wider than shoulder width apart and bring your chest to the bar, making sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Next up is 50 mountain climbers, 25 per leg. For this exercise, you want to get in the top of the push-up position, keep your abs braced and hips low, and then bring your knee up and then back down, alternating sides.

Okay, just about there now!

This time you'll perform another round of 50 bodyweight squats. You'll be pretty tired at this point, but be sure to keep good form, pushing your hips back and keeping your back straight and placing your arms out in front for balance.

After the bodyweight squats, you'll do 25 chin-ups. With your hands shoulder width apart, take an underhanded grip, and from a dead-hang position, pull your chin up over the bar.

Just one exercise to go! Very advanced individuals will be able to complete the Bodyweight 1000 in about 40 minutes. The very first time I tried this I was able to do it in 45 minutes.

Okay, so finish off strong with 100 rope skips or 100 jumping jacks. Try to stay explosive and use good form for this last exercise.

If you're able to get through that workout, then congratulations, you're probably one of the toughest, fittest people you know!


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