Tribute to Qeynos and its Burbs. Pre-Qeynos Revamp GU64





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Published on Jun 26, 2012

Qeynos as it was from November 8, 2004 (minus a few missing quests/NPCs/voiceovers to the addition of a few new NPCs) to the Game Update 64 (GU64 tba). Qeynos is beautiful, full of charm, character, humor, and an old-world feel. Wanted to make this video as a way to remember. Change is a constant, as is nostalgia.

Captions are a work in progress.

I despise annotations and captions on a video, so will label a few things in the video with time index links (see below). I encourage you to watch the entire movie, and then use the links as reference points :) **Denotes the start of a city zone or burb.

00:00 We begin briefly in the Willow Wood, my first home. You'll get a brief glimpse of Luclin, the exploded moon
** 00:16 South Qeynos
00:19 Arth Treeskipper
00:46 Did you know if you run at the deer they run away from you? :)
00:56 My house for many years.
01:14 Selwyn. Many years ago, she gave me my first monk's gi.
** 01:34 North Qeynos
01:46 James and Roland
01:54 The Claymore Plaza
01:57 Lilly Ironforge (voiced by Mae Whitman, the actress who voiced Katara in Avatar the Last Airbender)
02:29 Rachael and Danielle Clothspinner
03:00 The Ironforge Estate, once a bustling place where tradeskill faction was earned
03:07 The Temple of Life and the Pool of Jahnda
03:21 I've always loved the aqueducts around Qeynos and Antonica
03:30 Queen Antonia Bayle's castle
03:49 Mervos Stadrin, the collector. He has been witness to many a leveling-up of mine
** 03:51 The Elddar Grove
03:55 Arbos The Elddar Tree
03:57 Awwww :(
04:15 Rock garden off in the distance next to the Silent Fist Dojo
04:25 a sparring match with an old friend
04:58 Fun with deer again
05:01 Loved crafting here, off the beaten path
** 05:03 Qeynos Harbor
05:14 The Clock of Ak Anon
05:27 Jump in! Let's go see "The Fence," the lady you had to see back in the day in order to buy goods from Freeport.
05:47 Aliindar the Broker
06:11 Make a wish!
** 06:26 Nettleville Hovel -- starting city of Kerra and Humans
06:40 Vilda Sweeps and the Dusty Blue Stone
06:56 Nettleville Market Row
07:02 "Come to gaze upon me, have you?!" -Foster Graham
** 07:30 Starcrest Commune -- starting city of the Erudites
07:42 Oomitelmora and Vandis playing Kingsfield
07:54 Vondorinsarnoo
07:57 Molly Daysun and her playful cat
08:04 Fountain of Deep Reflection
** 08:10 Graystone Yard -- starting city of Dwarves and Barbarians, plus the city for betrayers of Freeport.
08:32 Takk
08:36 Miners, not minors!
08:56 The Stone of Kaladim
09:00 The Frozen Tundra Tavern
09:12 The moon Drinal
09:14 Dori the oh so pleasant banker
** 09:32 Castleview Hamlet -- starting city of High Elves and Frogloks
09:46 The Fountain of Valor
10:36 The Bed and Book Inn, "a fine establishment." The innkeeper inside used to be voiced by Wil Wheaton
10:51 Grommluk "This is not how a froglok should live."
** 10:56 The Baubbleshire -- starting city of Gnomes and Halflings
11:12 Sage Xoort and the Spectacular Sprocket of Ak Anon
11:18 Tawli Wiskwind. Vida Sweeps from Nettleville needs a broom and Tawli has just the thing!
11:47 Marshal Surefoot needs your help in the Forest Ruins
** 12:00 The Willow Wood -- starting city of Half Elves and Wood Elves.
12:06 Jendan Greenthorn
12:26 The Willow Wood Memorial and Thayare Faystrider
12:29 Trelly Greenfoot
12:36 Trueshot
12:40 I spent days upon days in that particular tradeskill cellar... back when the forge could kill you. Good times :)
12:45 The Spirit of Faydark Park
12:49 Kualdin Swoonsong
12:57 The door to my first home and the Innkeeper Yeoni
13:14 Hunter Vannil
13:20 Hunter Lathar Forestdeep
13:34 Thanks for watching! /flourish


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