Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar, Psychetruth Nutrition & Weight Loss





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Published on Apr 20, 2012

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Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup vs. Sugar, Psychetruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

This video explains everything what high fructose corn syrup and answers the following questions. Is high fructose corn syrup really natural? How do they make high fructose corn syrup? Is table sugar better than HFCS? Is HFCS unhealthy? Is there a link to HFCS and obesity? How much HFCS does the average American consume? How much sugar does average American consume.

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Box Office Hero
To me, Sugar is Sugar.  Enough said.
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monica webster
+Box Office Hero yes,and they r both bad for u
Dilbert Doe
+Rudy Miller Did you even watch the video? Obviously not. Moron!
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all i see is legs.....lol
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the point is not to see her legs, but listen to her. are you able to understand it?
Jay Nava
+PsycheTruth very beautiful ones. ..... great job on the videos.
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Yuktanand Singh MD
The original topic in this video has turned into ‘good versus bad foods’. It is true, sugar (sucrose) is a refined sugar and thus it just as bad as any refined sugar or starch. But it is only refined. It is not chemically derived. HFCS is chemically derived from (natural) corn starch. Regardless of fructose found in various other sugars - the fructose molecule in HFCS is probably not identical to the fructose molecule found in natural sugars. This may be the reason that corn syrup appears to trigger/worsen various allergies, restless legs, and possibly even ADHD in some of my patients.
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Yuktanand Singh MD
+PsycheTruth You appear to bait and switch here, however inadvertent this may be. The title of your video is ‘Truth about HFCS vs. Sugar’ but in that video and in your responses you continue to diverge towards another very important topic: 'Trouble with all refined sugars'. All refined sugars are bad when used in excess, but they are not same as the man made HFCS. The truth here is simple: wherever the difference lies, chemically produced HFCS acts differently in vivo than all the naturally occurring fructose found in honey and other sugars. I have already mentioned some of the symptoms that we have noticed, above. Additionally, there is direct correlation between rising obesity / diabetes and replacement of naturally available sugars (and fructose) with chemically derived HFCS. This requires further study and research that was not funded by the corn industry. HFCS is not the same as refined natural sugars and fructose.
+Yuktanand Singh MD I totally believe you! It could be due to the fact that the HFCS was made with GMO corn that was sprayed with Roundup and it's very possible that it contains traces of Glyphosate. HFCS bread is also going to be cheaper bread, probably treated with flour bleaching agents and other questionable bread dough conditioners. Truth be told, there is no reason to eat bread that has sugar added into it. Also, if eating bread that doesn't have HFCS in it does not give your problems than stick to that. It's unnecessary to figure out exactly why that is. I don't think it's due strictly to the chemical composition of the fructose molecules themselves. It's just that fructose itself is a simple molecule with an exact chemical composition. If the "fructose" was somehow different than it would no longer be "fructose".
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Ben  Daulton
I want know about the all natural sweetener Corrina.
Joe Serrano
AWESOME and totally INTERESTING Upload my dear buddy, thumbs,....er TWO THUMBS UP for ya,....I never really researched HFCS, i was familiar with refined sugar, now I know the difference and/or similarities between the two.
Anuj Verma
You are great to explain these complex sugar forms in such a nice way. :) I am from India and same things I heard from Rajiv Dixit ji and I have quit table sugar since a month.  
vivek verma
aldo Lopez
High frutose corn syrup contains mercury.enough said
Box Office Hero
If it contained mercury you would be dead.
one of the best and easiest to understand explanations of the topic.
Mr Will
those titties are nice
I would hold her hair back lol
Gene Glagolev
Pretty informative stuff. More people need to learn about what their diets are really doing to them. Also, boobs.
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