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Published on Apr 11, 2012


I've posted this for a friend of mine. "Just Melvin, Just Evil" is a very hard to find documentary about the tormented family of Melvin Just, a man almost too evil to be believed. In it, they detail their experiences of abuse over decades, at his hands, even admitting to knowing of a murder he committed to keep his crimes quiet. Get ready to have your ass kicked.

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Why do I only run across these videos at night..? (╥_╥)
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Alisha DiPaola
where is his grave so I can take a shit on it
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lelaellagirl 2006
do that, dig up the grave, cut his dick off and put it in his mouth
She Creates
Alisha DiPaola and I hope you have diarrhea
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Josh G
He should have wheeled that fat bellied sack of shit into the water.
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Jannet Lane 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💦💦💦💦👫👬👪👭👭👪🙌🙅💦🙏🐣🙅💦💦💦💦💦🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👪👭👫👬🚶🚶🚶🚶🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃👭👫👬👪💦💦💦💦🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃💧🙅🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💧
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Stacy Al Yaseen
I wish people would stop and think about how hard it was for this family to survive the life they were given. People in this comment section calling them trash ,white trash, inbred trash. Why? They survived something most of you couldn't. Unless you have experienced abuse as severe as theirs. You will never understand how they laugh about what happened, or how they could visit the monster. Hug him and act like nothing happened. Thousands of people do the same thing as these girls. The only difference is you don't know the story of their monster! I wish we could have witnessed that piece of shits death, but we all know he is burning in the pits of Hell....... I commend this family for telling their story no matter how ugly the truth is <3
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Ted Yocum
Stacy al yaseen,  there are and were many people in the same circumstances and not all families were subjected to this abuse, severe abuse.  However many were because of ignorance, alcohol abuse, pedophilia, and other unspeakable acts upon children who can't defend themselves and the other spouse either turned a blind eye or participated.  This is a sick world.I'm sure you've seen what men can do to other men especially at war!
Rosalind Freear
I shared part of my story. Thank you for your correspondence. Regards, Rosalind.
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Sleeping Wind Spirit
That grandma is fucked up. How could you let a man molest your CHILDREN and act like, "oh, well. he's a child molestor. Oh, well. That's just him." Go the fucking hell grandma. Fucked up.
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rich i cant be happy alone, im answering questions, i know there are lots of decent women, thats not what im saying, im saying i cant be with one my own age because its insulting that a woman lies, has all her fun, then and only after she cant get any more abusive men she comes to me, with an aged body an oversexed body and im supposed to be gratefull ? that she would only come to me when she could no longer attract the men she lied about hating to me ? a life time of jelousy disrespect resentment and an aged oversexed women ? all because i was nice ? can you see how thats a massive insult to me ? Of course i have a big chip on my shoulder wouldnt you if you were rejected by everyone you ever asked out for decades just becasue you listened to women who lied to you because you were kind ? dont tell me you wouldnt, so lets quit with this chip on your shoulder rubish as if its significat ! i was rejected by everyone all the time not just when i was younger i was rejected the other day at the age of 37 by 4 women who waved me into the pub who were smiling at me, because i was too nice ! NO not welcome to the human race , no one with the right advice with good looks and intelligence gets rejected by everyone they ever ask out for well over 20 years, i see what your doing there, 1 your deliberatly misinterpreting what i said to belittle my argument being rejected sometimes in your youth is normal for a male, but not by everyone all the time for your entire existance ! so no dont do that again please, ! you havent all been there beasically noone has , and dont victim shame, if i said to a little girl whos just been gang raped, well i was taken advantage of too, weve all been there stop feeling sorry foryourself youd call me a monster, please dont victim shame, yes im a male and its considered acceptable to victim shame men, but i still dont think its right ! again quit victim shaming me, if youd lived the life id lived you would be a total wack job by now, you would have gone mental with a gun, its only because you havent you think you can judge me ! wich s both ignorant selfish and arrogant, again we both know im not talking about normal rejection its rejection by everyone all the time for well over 20 years ! that would turn anyone mad, especially when its needless and only because of women lying !
Richelle Ann
+mcpartridgeboy  So BE alone and be happy!  Why are you going on about it, putting all women down if you just want to be alone!?  There are decent women out there, but with your attitude, you'll never find one.  You have a big chip on your shoulder because you apparently were rejected when you were younger....well, welcome to the human race buddy!!  cuz we've ALL been there!  So quit feeling sorry for yourself and live your life!  Quit wasting your time crying in your beer about not having a woman!
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Danger Dolan sent me here.
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Chloie Kwirant
I'm watching it because Hellbent told me not to. :/
Damien Rich
Nyrophene same
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After watching this I have to apologize to my family, I thought they were fucked up.
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Bernice B
Your welcome!
C Swank
Thanks Bernice
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sherry hourie
Pambies story upsets me the most! Him crushing her legs... Her mom saying she used her disability for attention. FUCK THOSE "PARENTS"!!!
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Btw re her being possibly mentally disabled-- while that may be so, I just want to note for interest that EDS isn't known to be connected to any mental disabilities besides autism, anxiety, and OCD (while she might have multiple disabilities, EDS is rare enough that if she has that dx for her physical stuff, you can bet they reviewed and rejected a LOT of other possible dx's-- maybe she has another dx that isn't as significant, though). Some speculate that it can be connected to hormonal problems, and I wonder if that's why her voice sounds like that.
I have the same condition as her (not the same subtype, but they're all bad) and unfortunately it's VERY common (I would even say more common than not) for parents not to believe that their kid's condition is serious because there's so little knowledge about EDS, even in the medical community.
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John Williams
I hope Satan is raping Melvin in Hell right now! Death to all Pedophiles!
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Jonathan Sefcik
...with the bladed dildo from Se7en.
John Williams
Fuck all you people defending Melvin! Burn in hell with him you sick fucks!
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MoGhetto Mel
Both women who married Melvin are disgusting. And what mother talks about her handicapped daughter like she did? What an ignorant bitch. These poor woman who were these idiots daughters & son are in so much pain. Suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc... These adult children need help so badly.
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Union Blacksmith
mcpartridgeboy you Fucking ROCK, we have lived the exact same lives, I feel EXACTLY THE SAME as you, losing my mind for lack of human contact, I thought I was the only man as lonely as I am, you made me feel not so Devestated, even though I still want to die from being alone, and WATCHING every horrible assholic bastard I ever knew have countless women soak their panties for them... fuck this world, fuck god for letting me Know what love is, and never letting me have it for more than a month... if that... thank you for everything you wrote. it's like you CLIMBED in my mind and read every thought... THOUGHT I WAS the only loser that hurt like I do... just had a beautiful Latina destroy me again, thinking she's had enuf thug love, BUT THATS WHAT SHE CRAVES... MY WALLET, THIER DICK... SOMEONE PLEASE KILL ME NOW, BECAUSE IF I START KILLING I WON'T STOP
Eva if you knew how terrably terrably harmful your lies were you would stop instantly and regret everrything, your hurting good men so much when you pretend to want a kind guy, ive never ever met any woman ever under the age of 35 who wants a kind man, yes you get to feel good about yourself but in reality you dont want a good kind man otherwise you would have had them, its pretty simple to find one. Domesti violence isnt the tragedy, women rejecting kindness and going for abusive men isnt the tragedy, the true real tragedy is women pretending to me all my life they wanta nice guy and nice guys ending up with noone because women pretended to them it was a good thing to be kind loyal honest loving sensative, that advice has lierally ripperd my life to shreds, its stolen everything from me, its lieterally devestated my life beyond repair, it really fucks you up getting rejected by everyine all your life, but to find out it was needless and because women lied to you and pretended to want the exacty the EXACT opposite to what they want, that will turn most people into a gun massacre or murder spree, !!! Doesnt matter how shy you are you get lots of men, shyness doesnt effect women at all, you went through abuse because you chose an abusive guy over a nice guy, and your still sitting there lying to me pretending you want a nice guy when you chose an abusive one ? really ? agressive men dont prey on people , agressive men do the same as nice men and ask women out, but you said no to all the nice ones and yes to the agressive ones, and your still lying to me about wanting a nice guy, you say your sorry i had such a shit life, but its your fault for lying and saying you want nice, when clearly no woman in this plannet wants nice otherwise me and millions of other loanly good guys would have all the women in the word, we have non, there is something wrong here, and i suspect its womens lies ! again please stop lying to me, you never liked sesative men otherwise you would have been with men, cant you see what those lies have done, ill tell you what they have done to me, they took everry girllfriend away from me, they took all womens love away from me, they took all the very best things in life away from me, they too k my wife away from me, my children, robbed me of any chance of a family, robbed me of my self worth robbed me of my sanity while i slowly went mad from lack of human touch, and its all because filthy lying bastards like you decide to pretend you want nice, fuck me you dont want nice, ill tell you what you want and i bet you had it 10000 times already , you want agression bad manners, unpleasent overonfident lying disloyal arogant bad mannered agressive dominating bullies, ! the EXACT OPOSITE of the lies your sitting htere telling me, your not sorry i had such a shit life at all otherwise you wouldnt bee lying about wanting a kind man ! youve been rejected by a good guy probably because your in your 30s and have been a walking cum bucket for the most discusting vile humans to walk this plannet, !
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