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Published on Aug 30, 2012

Paul Stanford, Chief Petitioner for Oregon Measure 80, speaks on The Greg Jarrett Show about the initiative to legalize hemp and cannabis in 2012.

Footage: The Greg Jarrett Show
August 10, 2012


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Romney and his millions of dollars laugh at these potheads! Hahahaha! Get a fucking job 47%!
Arthur Selander
YES Measure 80!
Zimmer Frey
Oh i forgot to add the Painkillers like Vicoden, Percasets and Oxycotten
Zimmer Frey
humans can have addiction behaviors to a lot of things such as T.V. video games, sex, drugs of any sort, food, gambling, shopping, power, money etc etc the list goes on and on. If you have an addiction personality you will abuse anything its just a matter of how bad it can effect your life. I've always said " If your not happy and you feel like what your doing is effecting your life then change it. whether it be drug use, money, sex, gambling, food etc etc " 
Zimmer Frey
oh and coffee too LOL and yes caffeine is a stimulant and a drug! 
Zimmer Frey
i work for a recovery center and i do not agree with Dave. Addicts are trying to escape from there troubles. This can be gambling, sex, food, hard drugs, alcohol, cannabis video games, T.V., computers. the black market is the gateway. this was the same problem when alcohol was in prohibition. By the way i deal with alot more addicts that have mental problems and are trying to kick pharmaceutical drugs... The Adderall the Ridallin the Xanax type drugs. 
Zimmer Frey
if the gateway theory is true then caffeine would be the first drug kids use so we need to make soda pop and energy drinks illegal 
Zimmer Frey
Me too
The guy called in about his kid was full of shit. I have smoked Marijuana twice it wasn't my thing I never had any craving to smoke again.. Noo it's not addictive.
equance blumin soulmore
Lol, he won't shut up. 7:55
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