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Published on Oct 22, 2008

Brian Williams on John McCain/Sarah Palin
"NBC Nightly News" 06:3pm
Interview [part 1]


BRIAN WILLIAMS: [Governor Palin], yesterday you tied this notion of an early test to a new president to this notion of preconditions that you both have been hammering the Obama campaign on. First of all what in your mind is a precondition?

SARAH PALIN: You have to have some, diplomatic strategy going into a meeting with some one like Ahmadinejad or Kim Jung Il . . . that would seek to destroy America or our allies. It is so naive and so dangerous . . . so that is some ill-preparedness right there. But following up with your comment about Biden also, when Biden, what he had done the other night to his Democrat donors in talking to them in a fund raiser, warning mark my word there will be an international crisis if Barack Obama is elected, he was confirming what he had been saying all along in the primary race . . .

WILLIAMS: When he says the new president will be tested though, I am missing how that is different from senator Lieberman saying, quote, our enemies will test the new president early.

JOHN MCCAIN: Look, I don't know when Joe Lieberman said that. Joe Lieberman is supporting me. The main reason, probably, he thinks America will be safer and more secure with me as president . . . But I want to go back again to Sarahs point. And that is -- that we now have a guarantee, saying because he is young and untested, that's what part of senator Bidens rant was and because he was young and untested and . . . This is probably one of those moments in American political history that stands out. And I think the American people are going to pay attention.

PALIN: . . . I think that has been the most significant comment, that is my personal opinion on this. For Biden too, to have been the one to say he would be so honored to run on a McCain ticket because he knew that way if Senator McCain is elected president that our country would be better off . . .

WILLIAMS: . . . Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama and Governor, respectfully, the heart of his quote, about Governor Palin, Senator McCain, I don't believe she is ready to be president of the United States which is the job of vice president. And so that raised some question in my mind as to the judgment that Senator McCain made. . . . what was your reaction, saying basically we have little to judge these future leaders on except for the big decision of picking a running mate?

MCCAIN: I know that if General Powell had wanted to meet Governor Palin we could have arranged that easily number one. Number two is then obviously General Powell does not know governor Palin's record. Reform, governor, 24,000 employees I believe of the state of Alaska, negotiated a $40 billion natural gas pipeline by taking on the oil and gas interests, took on the governor of her own party who is incumbent. Stood up against corruption, cut taxes, gave her constituents money back, shares my world view, has frankly in all due respect, a son, who has got his life on the line right now in defense of freedom, and that's not qualified? . . . heres a proven record. And so, all I can say is, I see all these attacks on governor Palin. I don't live in a bubble. But those people obviously, are either not paying attention to, or don't care about the record of the most popular governor in the United States of America.

PALIN: And, look, let me interrupt . . . I am not going to toot my own horn but I have more executive experience than even Barack Obama has, dealing with multibillion dollar budgets, thousand of employees in position as mayor, manager, regulator of oil and gas, and governor. Lets not forget in this context of one endorsement, of, um Senator, um-- Colin Powell's, that you have received the endorsement of at least four former secretaries of state and hundreds--

MCCAIN: Five secretary, former secretaries of states.

PALIN: Five! And hundreds of retired top US brass and US military brass that see also in John McCain the ability to win the wars and to keep our nation safe and of course, those who are in more economic minded also who is endorsing John McCain because they know too that he will get our economy back on track. He will reduce taxes on our small businesses and on our families so that we can keep more of what we produce and earn so we can hire more people as business owners. Thats how jobs are created. Thats how the economy gets rolling. He has got that in him. He has got that in his plan and that's recognized. I am appreciative of the endorsements you have received.

MCCAIN: Kissinger, George Shultz, Larry Eagleburger and Al Hague. All of those have been strong supporters of mine, plus 200 or more retired generals and admirals and mine. I am more proud of that.

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