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Published on Dec 12, 2012

Official homepage: http://jurassic-life.game-lab.com/
Visit us also on Moddb: http://www.moddb.com/mods/jurassic-li...
Stay tuned via facebook : http://www.facebook.com/jurassiclife
Updated the 11 January 2012. Click on More button, to read the FAQ .

Thank you for the great support and mentions for example in news magazines we have been reading for years. Cinemablend, kotaku, IGN and PCGamer to mention some.
We feel very humbled by the overwhelming response that in general is positive, but we try to listen to criticism too.

Some questions arose with the posting of the trailer and we will try to answer then here below:

Q1: FOV settings look strange for weapons in the video.
A1: This could be due to cropping of video segments. Result of video editing basically. FOV is something a player can set.

Q2: Why not use HL2 SPAS12. It's much better.
A2: We don't use HL2 SPAS12 as we wish to not mix the game world contents in such an obvious way. It would kill immersion. Also we needed new arms anyway and custom animations. Like fold-able and unfold-able stock (it's there already btw).

Q3: Compy takes a lot of damage and does not respond to it.
A3: So the settings for the weapons were not fixed at time of recording and reaction of dinos is being worked on. We have flinch animations working to some degree but the video was recorded before that was added.

Q4: The sounds are from HL2 on some of the dinos?
A4: Yes, we use them as placeholders. Will be replaced eventually. Low prioroty.

Q5: Raptor does not die easily. Should die from a headshot & player should die from one bite...
A5: We will balance this later on. Several difficulty levels could be considered with hardest named "clever girl mode". So you can rage all you want and get kicked out from your apartment for making to much noise! :)

Q6: Triceratops should kill player on hit.
A6: A small thing to tweak. For testing purposes it was set to give lower damage.

Q6b: Why even make the Triceratops attack the player?
A6b: Animals in real life can get annoyed. It's not crazier than that. We aim for animals to react to their surrounding environment and the players actions.

Q7: Change the crosshair!
A7: It will be adapted for JL eventually. Compared to other things that are necessary in a game it's of very low priority.

Q8: Animations need more work. AI is just plain HL2 slapped on dinos.
A8: AI and animations have been worked on very little compared to other areas due to lack of knowledge/recruits in the past.
We have not mastered proper blending of animation states. Often one animation is not played properly before another starts or not even executed. There are two sets of coding to do properly to get an animation to look good and well timed. QC and NPC C++ coding. Many factors play in.

Q9: Framerate is bad in trailer
A9: Has to do with recording and editing mistake. But we can talk a bit about "performance". The game runs at this time fairly well in the heaviest parts on a Intel i5 750 CPU, 8GB RAM (RAM is high because of dev tool requirements) and a Radeon 4850 1GB in 1680x1050 to give you some reference. Obviously you can expect lower framerates than usual as we are pushing the engine with the larger open spaces containing denser than usually seen vegetation. And it's by no means given that a game will run perfectly with real time water reflections for example which is a setting. We do our best to optimize the levels and will continue to do it until the very release. Maybe even after that to improve the game experience if something comes up.

Q10: Why not CryEngine 2,3 or UDK?
A10: Because the project started before that and we wished not to start porting over things to a new engine. Lighting works differently in CryEngine for example and our models would probably not render properly.

Q11: Will there be free roaming?
A11: No. Source Engine 2007 is not capable of allowing this type of gameplay.

To everyone that applied recently. Sorry for the slow reply speed. We try to get through your applications as fast someone can that does not have an HR department.


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