Silly Songs with Larry: Love My Lips -LYRICS IN DESCRIPTION!-





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Uploaded on Jun 16, 2009

EDIT: +900,000? Now im sad :( im serious
And who the heck is macbarbie07 and Bethany Mota anyway?!?!?!

Idk why people say theres no complete lyrics if i WROTE THEM BELOW! (read people)

DISCLAIMER!: i do not own anything in this video nor did i put the words at the bottom of it... complete lyrics below! (i wrote em all myself even the fast part):

If my lips ever left my mouth
packed a bag and headed South
That'd be too bad, I'd be so sad

Dr: I see - that'd be too bad, you'd be so sad?

Larry:That'd be too bad

Dr: Alrighty...

If my lips said
"Adios! I don't like you, I think you're gross!"
That'd be too bad, I might get mad

Dr: Hm - that'd be too bad, you might get mad?

Larry: That'd be too bad

Dr: Facinating...

If my lips moved to Duluth
left a mess and took my tooth
That'd be too bad, I'd call my dad

Dr: Oh dear - that'd be too bad, you'd call your dad?

Larry: That'd be too bad...

Dr: HOLD IT! Did you say your "father"? Facinating, so what you're saying is, IF your lips left you...?

That'd be too bad
I'd be so sad
I might get mad
I'd call my dad
That'd be too bad

Dr: That'd be too bad?

Larry: That'd be too bad...

Dr: Why?

Larry: Cause i love my lips!

Dr: Oh my...this is more serious than I thought... Larry, what do you see here?

Larry: Um, that looks like a lip

Dr: What about this?

Larry: It's a lip!

Dr: And this...?

Larry: It's a lip, it's a lip, it's a lip, lip, lip! (x3) Liiiips! Lip, lip, lip!

Dr: Larry, tell me about your childhood...

When I was just 2 years old
I left my lips out in the cold
And they turned blue
What could I do?

Dr: Oh dear - they turned blue, what could you do?

Larry: Oh they turned blue...

Dr: I see...

On the day i got my tooth
I had to kiss my great Aunt Ruth
She had a beard
And it felt weird...

Dr: My my - she had a beard and it felt weird?

Larry: She had a beard

Dr: Oh...

10 days after I turned 8
Got my lips stuck in a gate!
My friend all laughed...
And i just stood there until the fire department came and broke the lock with a crowbar and i had to spend the next 6 weeks in Lip Rehab with this kid named Oscar who got stung by a bee, right on the lip, and we couldn't even talk to each other until the fifth week cause both of our lips were so swollen and when he did starts speaking he just spoke Polish and i only know like 3 words in Polish except now, i know 4 because Oscar taught me the word for lip: Usta!

Dr: Your friends all laughed, usta? How do you spell that?

Larry: I don't know...

Dr: So what you're saying is that when you were young...?

They turned blue
What could I do?
She had a beard and it felt weird
My friends all laughed...

Dr: I'm confused...


Dr: -speaking indistinctly-

Larry: Have I ever told you how I feel about my nose?

Dr: Oh look at the time!

Larry: Aaaa -gibberish-



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