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Uploaded on Aug 29, 2010

Demi: 15 yrs old is in foster care changes homes a lot
Joe: 18 yrs old middle brother of an upscale family in the band the Jonas Brothers
Nick: 16 yrs old youngest brother of an upscale family in the band the Jonas Brothers.
Kevin: 20 yrs old oldest brother of upscale family in the band the Jonas Brothers
Miley: 16 years old, is the daughter of the mayor and doesn't like Demi, has a crush on Nick.
Selena: 15 years old, daughter of the principle sweet, has a crush on Nick.
Taylor S: 17 years old, singer, has a crush on Joe doesn't like Demi.

**Demi joins the semester late, she is a freshman taking Junior classes, and Joe was asked to show her around**

"Man I can't believe I have to show that new girl around." Joe groaned softly at the lunch table with his brothers and Sel.
'Maybe she's really nice." Sel said softly, Nick grinned at her.
"You just think good of everyone." Nick teased nudging her shoulder she blushed deeply.
"Yeah everyone except her." Sel grumbled glaring as Miley made her way over to their table the boys sighed.
"Here we go again, on second thought I'm happy to miss this." Joe said jumping up, he rushed out the door to the office.
"Man, he's a wimp." Kevin grumbled, he was still takin some classes to catch up cause they had been on tour.
"Hey guys." Miley grinned sitting down besides Nick, glaring at Selena, Sel looked away.
"hey Miley." Nick said sighing a little he rested his hand on Sel's leg, and smiled to himself when her hand slipped into his under the table.
"Where did Joe rush off too." she was asking so that she could text Taylor about where he was going.
"He has to show this new girl around." Kevin explained smiling a little.
"oh sucks for him." miley said rolling her eyes she quickly texted Taylor.

**in the office**

"Demetria Lovato?" the secretary said, Demi looked up shyly and went to her.
"that's me." Demi said softly, the lady looked up and smiled at her.
"That's a very unique name, do you have a nickname?" she asked writing down some notes.
"everyone calles me Demi." Demi replied smiling back at her, just then someone ran into the room looking annoyed.
"Yo Mrs. V." Joe said grinning at the lady who just rolled her eyes.
"Joseph, this is Demi, Demi this is Joseph he will be showing you around today since you have the same classes." mrs. V explained, Demi smiled a little and Joe stared at her in suprise she was so tiny and beautiful she couldn't be a junior.
"Nice to meet you." Demi said smiling up at the tall boy, she recognized him from the band but didn't go crazy over him which suprised the secretary and Joe.
"here you go dear, just follow Joe around." She said handing her a paper, Demi nodded smiling and picked up her bag, that's when Joe noticed her leg in a cast as she slowly walked towards the door.
"ya comin?" Demi asked curiously, Joe nodded stupidly and jogged after her ignoring the secretary's knowing look.
"wow you must have busted up your leg pretty bad." Joe commented as she hobbled along beside him, Demi stiffened a little.
"yeah, i um fell down my stairs." Demi lied putting on a fake smile.
"Ouch, so it says your a freshman, but your taking junior courses." Joe said curiously, holding the door open as they went into the cafeteria toward his brothers.
"yea, i've been to like twelve different schools in two years so i studied a lot, i'm really smart." She said matter of factly causing Joe to grin down at her.
"Hey Joe, whose this?" Kevin asked curiously, as they sat at the table Demi smiling shyly at them.
"This is Demi, she's the girl I'm showing around." Joe said, he introduced her to everyone, just then Sel walked back up to the table after getting something to drink and stared stunned at Demi.
"Oh my gosh!" Sel exclaimed setting her drink down, Demi looked up suprised as well.
"Sel!" Demi laughed a little struggling to stand as they hugged tightly, everyone watching them curiously.
"You know each other?" Nick asked turning away from Miley in relief.
"yea, we went to the same school together two years ago." Sel explained as they sat back down still suprised.
"Are you hungry Demi?" Joe asked, Demi nodded and he stood up. "I'll grab us something to eat okay."
"Thanks Joe." Demi replied smiling a little, she glanced at Sel who smiled back at her.

**in line**

"Joey, whose that?" Taylor demanded, Joe groaned at the nickname and turned to the tall blonde.
"That's Demi, the girl that I'm showing around." Joe explained, Taylor glared over at the girl noting how pretty she was.
"Want to be my lab partner today?" Taylor asked leaning against him.
"Taylor, I will never be your partner and besides I have to help Demi out." Joe replied rolling his eyes and quickly went to his table handing Demi some food.

**7 comments please and opinions on if i should continue**


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