Dennis Tyler & Sue Errington embrace cronyism and elitism!





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Published on Jun 5, 2008

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During the Town Hall meeting on 5-19-08, Dennis Tyler and Sue Errington stated that property taxes could NOT be eliminated because they simply couldn't find the money to do so. Then both Tyler and Errington said they were in favor of spending more money than needed on construction projects which costs YOU millions of $$$ every year for no good reason. We are dealing with the Common Construction Wage aka CCW.

The question was asked, "Would you be in favor of abolishing the CCW law in favor of local and more competitive market driven contracts?".

Dennis Tyler - "I wouldn't, I think the CCW law works. I think that it's, it's fair the way that it is, it brings it brings in wages and anybody can bring in the wages and it's up to them to do that and produce em', and I, it's worked, it's been in this State for a number of years and it's worked. I don't see any problems with it."
Sue Errington - "I basically agree with Dennis' assessment of it."

Wow, let's just have an honest discussion of exactly what it is that we are talking about here!

This deals with any project in the County that requires construction and what wage to pay the companies that get awarded the contracts.

Our Govt has two options, they can pay a lower wage (ABC) that 100% of the construction companies in Delaware County could bid on, or they can opt for the HIGHER Union wage (AFLCIO) that less than 12% of the construction companies can bid on because they ARE Unionized companies.

You can see a copy of how much it costs you at the link below...check it out for yourself.


Almost every time, our elected officials opt for the higher AFLCIO Union wage which is almost guaranteed to cost us taxpayers 20% more for the same work that we could get cheaper. On projects that are multi-million dollar contracts, it's not uncommon that we the taxpayers are spending up to a million $$$ more for basically nothing. The SAME WORK can be done for less, yet they continue to opt to spend more...why is that you ask, well here's why.

CRONYISM - The answer is simple, pandering to a special interest group aka The Unions! You'd think they'd be heroes for "bringing in wages" for 100% of the construction community, instead of less than 12% of the available companies! This is cronyism at it's finest. They continue to "pay off" a tiny segment of the community for political favors.

ELITISM - Less than 12% of ALL available construction companies get to bid on these jobs therefore disenfranchising over 88% of ALL the construction companies. The SAME companies continue to get the jobs.

What do Tyler and Errington get in return...Votes! The Union will use propaganda and strongarm tactics to insure their members continue to vote for them because it brings in work for them with YOUR MONEY!

It's just more of the "rich getting richer" while the "poor stay poor"!

The Unionized construction labor amounts to at best 1% of our taypaying population, yet 100% of our taxpayers are paying up to 20% MORE than is needed...and our elected officials just can't seem to find any more money to cut out of the budget to help give us tax relief???

It doesn't seem like they are trying too hard, does it?

Oh sure, they contend that Union labor is "better labor", but that is not true, they have apprenticeships which is simply "on-the-job training" which means you can get a "newbie" who has no idea what he is doing with Union labor. You also get Union breaks, which is typically every 2 hours, and they tend to take long breaks. They also are required to have more members on the job than "private" companies, all of which spells inefficiency built right in, and you're paying more for it to boot!

Do you think when Tyler and Errington go grocery shopping they avoid Wal-Mart because of all the foreign products and go to the local Mom & Pop stores and look for the Union Label in everything they buy regardless of price to "bring in wages", or do you think they buy the least expensive products?

When it's THEIR MONEY, I'm sure they fully understand what it means to be frugal, when it's YOUR MONEY, it's time to "Buy Votes" and it's time to "Take care of my friends" and to pander to special interest groups...at YOUR expense with YOUR hard earned money!

ABOLISH the corrupt CCW practices NOW and allow ALL construction companies to bid and go with the lowest bidder...PERIOD!

Oh yeah by the way...the panel who votes on awarding the CCW...is STACKED with Union people to guarantee that they FLEECE the taxpayers, there are ineligible members on that board that they refuse to remove and replace with eligible members....hmmmm, I wonder why?

This is YOUR GOVT in action and it needs fixed NOW! Get involved, get active and let's get it fixed once and for all!

We can't AFFORD to do business this way any longer!


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