A Jonas Brothers Love Story Chapter 79





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Published on Jan 2, 2009

**Last chapter, Joe and Nick told Regina and Aly about the note that Ben had left threatening to take the girls away again. He had said that if they told the girls then they would never see them again. Kevin chose to not tell Kat. At the end Joe and Nick discovered that Regina and Aly were missing, but Kat was safe. Did Ben really find out that they had told? If it all their fault that the girls are gone? Lets find out!**

Kevin: *drops his phone* Ben.
Joe: NO!
Kevin: I KNEW IT!
Nick: What?!
Kevin: He obviously had a way to see if we told the girls about his note!
Joe: So it's OUR fault that the girls were taken?!
Kevin: Well if you had just kept your mouthes shut about it....
Nick: We thought it would be better if they were prepared!
Kevin: Obviously not.
Joe: Leave us alone!
Kevin: Fine. I'm going to go spend as much of the weekend with Kat as I can. To make sure that Ben doesn't come for her.
Joe: How are we supposed to get OUR girls back?
Nick: You have to help us!
Kevin: No. I need to stand my MY girl and keep her safe. You guys know where Ben's house is. Start there.

Regina: *tied to a chair* Ben... what are you going to do with us this time?
Aly: *tied to the chair next to Regina* Isn't it obvious? He's going to try to hold us here against our will. Then the boys will come to save us and one of his "genius" traps will get them, which will make us do anything he says because we will be scared that he will hurt them.
Ben: Shut up!
Regina: *smirks* I think you got it right.
Aly: *laughs* I knew it! **teasingly** You are SO predictable Ben!
Ben: I am NOT.
Regina: Dang. You sound like a baby.
Aly: He is a baby.
Ben: *storms out of the room*
Regina: Okay. you wouldn't happen to have your nail cutter with you?
Aly: No. It's in my purse. From now on it'll be in one of my pockets.
Regina: *rolls her eyes* Great. *starts trying to loosen the knots around her wrists and ankles* Ow!
Aly: What?!
Regina: Rub burn. I'm fine.
Aly: You better not get cut.
Regina: *rolls her eyes again* I'll try.
Ben: *walks back in* Now...
*The door flies off its hinges and they all look to see Joe and Nick in the doorway... looking PISSED*
Ben: I don't think I will. I did warn you what would happen if you told them.
Nick: How did you find out?!
Ben: *pulls out a remote and points it at the flat screen TV* That's how. *everyone looks to see the room they are in on two of the three screens, and Kat in the other one*
Regina: HOW?!
Joe: You have us BUGGED?!
Nick: Where?! *starts trying to find the bug*
Joe: *also starts trying to find the bug*
Regina: *watching the screen* This looks like the perspective is from about eye level. *everyone freezes* But not exactly eye level. Joe is taler than that.
Joe: *hands fly up to his face and the screen in the middle goes black*
Regina: I thought so. *looks at Ben with murder in her eyes* WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY JOE?!
Ben: *takes a step back* I took precautions so that they couldn't sneak up on me again.
Regina: *stands up even though she is still tied to the chair. She falls backwards and the chair shatters. She stands up and throws the ropes off of her, blood dripping from several cuts on her arms* You. Die. NOW.
Ben: *turns and runs*
Joe: *Runs over to Regina to grab her wrists* Don't follow! It's what he wants!
Regina: *struggling to get at Ben* I DON'T CARE! I'LL GET HIM! I WILL!
Joe: *pulls Regina to him and wraps his arms around her*
Regina: *stops struggling*
Joe: I can't lose you. Not again.
Regina: *realizes that his voice is strained* I'm sorry Joe. I didn't mean...
Joe: *turns her around to face him* I know. *kisses her*
Regina: *kisses him back*
Nick: *unties Aly*
Aly: Thanks Nick. *stands up and shakes her arms out to get the feeling back in them*
Nick: Don't you ever scare me like that again!
Aly: You know I can't make that promise.
Nick: I know. But I can hope. *takes her in his arms and kisses her*
Aly: *kisses him back*
Joe: And now... we need to get these cuts taken care of.
Regina: *giggles* You seem to take care of my cuts a lot.
Joe: I don't want anything happening to yo--- REGINA!

**Wow. He had them bugged! Will they be able to get the 'bugs' off of the boys? Will Ben be caught? And what happened to Regina at the end? Find out in chapter 80!**

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