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Published on May 14, 2010

|| Why Bambi? ||

Well.. the first time I heard this song.. I was like "o_O BAMBI!!!!!" :P This song fits Bambi 2 sooo perfectly, don't you think? ^^ And as far as I know nobody used it before.. I hope!
Also.. I really missed making AMVs with only one film.. so now I did ^^ I chose Bambi.. cause I missed working with it, cause it will be one of my fav animated movies of all time! ^^ (I almost forgot that..).. and.. Bambi is just soooo lovely! 8)

|| Storyline ||

Basicly it follows the storyline of Bambi 2 ^^ But with a little twist, so I'll write down the happenings:

0:00 - 0:16 ~ Title, Opening scene, Bambi lies to Thumper
0:16 - 0:46 ~ Bambi feels like his dad don't know him at all..he is even a bit afraid of him.. he dreams of the old times and his father loving him..
0:46 - 0:54 ~ Something begins.. ^^ Bambi tries to get closer to the Prince.. it's not easy.. The Prince means the world for Bambi.. but he doesn't know it.. might never will?
0:54 - 0:57 ~ A memory..
0:57 - 1:15 ~ After Bambi's jump.. the Great Prince finally sees something in his son. He follows Bambi, watching his stepts.. he sees what a good heart he has ^^
1:16 ~ The Prince feels guilty cause he asked the owl to find Bambi a new mom..
1:16 - 1:30 ~ The Prince tries to keep distance from Bambi (he knows he'll loose him), who can sense his father's change.. they can't talk to each other.. stuff like that.. Bambi is still sad about his mom's death.. and Ronno bullies him..
1:30 - 1:31 ~ Bambi's dad can't see his son gets bullied, so he scares Ronno away
1:31 - 2:06 ~ Bambi is now sure about that his father loves him.. So he lets him in, gets more opened with him, he feels really happy! ^^ The Prince still feels guilty.. but he loves Bambi, so he plays with him, they have fun.. etc.. and they feel fine =3
2:06 - 2:11 ~ The owl.. the new mom.. troubles.. =(
2:12 - 2:18 ~ The new mom gets into the trap and Bami decides to save her.
2:18 - 2:22 ~ The dog wants to kill Bambi D=
2:22 - 2:32 ~ Bambi remembers the past few hours, the chase, his father's and his words.. while his faher's running to save him..
2:32 - 2:36 ~ Bambi kicks the dog.. and falls down =(
2:36 - 2:50 ~ The Prince thinks Bambi's dead.. he'll never know how much he mean to him.. he wouldn't mind shouting or whatever.. he just wants his son alive..
2:50 ~ Bambi's not dead ^^
From here till the end:
Everything's working out ^^ The new mom leaves, Bambi stay with his father and they are all verry happy


|| Connection to me ||

First.. I never had a dad (he left me when I was really young) and.. it just feels good to make videos with someone and his father! ^^
And btw.. THIS VIDEO is about a father son relationsip!! but.. well.. the song may be not.. and some lines fits my current feelings so perfectly ^^ Like..
"For fear of what you might do
I say nothing but stare at you"
"You mean the world to be but you'll never know"

so.. I love this song.. I love Bambi.. and I REALLY enjoyed making this video ^^
And I'm also quite satistfied with the results! ^^ I like this video.. I hope you do too!

|| For subbers ||

Well guys.. what can I say? Thank you for all the support ^^ 2600 subbers.. wow.. I don't deserve it XD But I really appreciate it guys! *hugs* Thankies! I hope you enjoyed this little viddie!

|| Infos ||

- At the end of the video -

GOSH! A VIDEO OVER 4 MINUTES? o_Ô It can't be true.. LMAO
And.. so.. not much effects.. the clips are the most important ^^ I know I could've done better job.. but I like it this way ^^


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