Soviet Expiriment resurected dead, Real Zombies, nazi war machine!





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Published on Apr 11, 2011

In the 1940s, Soviet scientists were able to bring the dead back to life. This very technology will be the driving force behind the future Zombie apocalypse. 71 years later, we can finally get a peek through the Iron Curtain. What you see might horrify you. A poor dog, Torn apart in the name of science. Its lungs, hart and head, put to death then reanimated. Was this ever tested on humans, are Zombies real? Yes, as we can see, this has been done a very long time ago. Deep within Soviet Russia the communists scientist have played God. The day of Judgement will rain down on humanity and the dead shall rise. Nazi also conducted experiments with for nazi zombies. refer to times article for more details

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Fox hound
Fucking experience was conducted by Soviets, how is it a nazi war machine? Stop addin nonsense stuff to the title just to make it sound cooler.
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Mursel Kukic
Its the same Russian scientists that went on to invent the heart and lung machine
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Jay Tyme
Not possible even of you did do the needed electrical restart f the brain. This video is one of many disinformation tactics to make Russia appear like gods. None of this can be done. Once brain dead, there's no coming back.
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This was hard for me to watch being an animal lover, but it's pretty damn cool to bring a dog (or another animal) back to life. If they were able to do this on humans we could finally figure out what comes after death... I'd volounteer...
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This is not resurrection of the dead. These guys were pioneering early bypass techniques, paving the way for heart transplant work in later years. They knew they were years away from being able to transplant organs, but medical scientists the world over also knew that they were going to need sophisticated, well tested equipment before they could seriously start taking organs from one body + putting them into another.
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Fake or not, this was amazing but even though science craves answers sometimes too much knowledge is unstable and dangerous, especially for humans who want to push the boundaries......
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Shane Flett
This is amazing. Anyone caring about the dog, just stop. Maybe the dog was a rapist. Great work from the doctors however.
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Martin Hagalen
You guys keep arguing. I'm sharpening my machete. If that shit hit fan I'll be ready. 
This isn't "playing god" nor is it "zombie" this is actually just early versions of technology we use in modern medicine today. We can preform such advanced surgery because we now have a means of keeping tissue alive for longer periods of time, this is the foundation.
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Douglas Kmiotek
The Japanese did worse to live subjects during WWII,... And WTF is "NAZI" in the title, if this was Soviet experimentation. Fool,...
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