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Published on Aug 17, 2012

Various tips, tricks, and conversation about the Mann vs. Machine update and Mann Up game mode. Slay robots, stay healthy.

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>I am a scout. >Playing against a round in two cities and I am healing my team with milk and marking. >They are about to die. >I am doing my best to fill in for our shitty medic. >Miss 2 creds while doing this. >The creds were right next to a heavy, he could of grabbed them at any time. >Team makes it. >A rating, >ZOMG WOOOOW SCOUT U SUX!!1! VOTKIK DIS KID!!1! >Heavy raging at my for not picking up the 2 credits I thought he was smart enough to pick up so I could keep him alive. >He was also wearing a gibus and pyro goggles.
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Will Fetzer
Tip for spy bots: look for teammates that sound like robots. Spybots can't change their voices.
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Bradley Newson
6:58 Nowdays instantly kicked for missing $6
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Harry Morris
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Blame your teammates. Got it. Now I know how to succeed at life.
I feel like all the Mann up MvM servers are filled with tryhard douchebags, I got kicked when I was playing several times because I was not 'MLG enough' and I'm no noob.
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I once got kicked for having no hats (Im a PF2P) because I sold my bp and then I went sniper to show them that I had hats. Then they kicked me when I was MvP, killed the tank right before it planted, and killed a heal on kill heavy. Also did I mention they said I sucked when one of them was a scout with a force a nature, crit a cola, boston basher, gibus, mercanary badge (He joined the day when people got the mann co ticket), and pyrovision googles bashes head into keyboard
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Just realised STAR_'s profile pic during this video. It's some anime boobs :p
When i play MvM i almost always go demo since i find it to be the most fun to play in that mode. so i get on a server and one of the people is talking to me like im a total idiot and saying things like "hey demo make sure you only upgrade these things" and then he lists some things. after we got about 3 rounds in the same guy talks to me again and says "demo make sure you get those medics" this person was scout at the time and so i asked him if he could make sure to get all the snipers. He decides to ignore me and at the start of the round i get sniped and he rages at me for dying and not getting the medics. MvM gotta love it
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Ng Shi Teng
I got a free ticket for Christmas My cousin send me it 
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