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Published on Dec 31, 2010

Learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese with Lucky! This quick and easy lesson teaches you the main colors and some additional vocabulary to help you along the way to fluency. If you want to learn more about the Chinese language, visit http://HowToChinese.com.

Introduction to Chinese Mandarin Colors & Character Traits Video Transcript

Ní hǎo, my good students, I have been your teacher now for a few, videos and I, want to know... what do you think of me, Asking people, straight forwardly what kind of person you are can be awkward.

But you can always ask people what color they like, this can give you an idea of their personality or character traits.

Each color has a different meaning, the preference people have of one over the other can tell us a little bit about their character. How do you ask "What color do you like"in Chinese?

What in Chinese is Shénme
colour is yánsè,
like means xǐhuān,
Do you remember how to say "you?"
Yes, Nǐ
So, asking What color do you like is Nǐ xǐhuān shénme yánsè?
-The answer is wǒ xǐhuān ———-

1: wǒ xǐhuān bái yánsè.Bái means white. People who like this color are usually introverted. They don't like showing off their talents. They are hard workers with strong values.

2: wǒ xǐhuān hēi yánsè.Hēi means Black. People who like this color are active and plans well for the future. They usually look elegant and noble.

3: wǒ xǐ huān hóng yánsè. Hóng means Red. People who like this color are energetic and curious. They are very ambitious but aren't too patient with a quick temper.

4: wǒ xǐ huān h yánsè. Huáng means Yellow. People who like this color are full of curiosity and creation. They care more about social problems than personal ones and are enthusiastic about social movements.

5: wǒ xǐhuān lǜ yánsè. lǜ means green. People who like this color pursue peace. They are afraid of living alone so they are good at dealing with people and at impressing them.

6: wǒ xǐhuān zǐ yánsè.zǐ means purple. People who like this color are perceptive, sentimental and witty. They have unique personalities, looking silent and introverted in public place.

7: wǒ xǐhuān lán yánsè.lán means Blue. People who like this color are usually aggressive. They stick to their own perspectives and have trouble accepting advice from others. They are strategic thinkers with little limiting them when it comes to achieving a goal.

Nǐxǐhuān shénme yánsè?
What is your answer?
Wǒ xǐhuān bái/hēi/hóng/huáng/lǜ/zǐ/lán yánsè. (review all colors)

Yánsèis used after all the color words .Sè is a shorter version of yánsè. You can use yánsè or sè as you like. Sometimes you need to use color to describe things. Like hēi tóufà, in this case, hēi is an adjective which only has one syllable, so you can put hēi before the object tóufà straightly. But when you add sè behind hēi, then it has more than one syllable, so we need to use de to combine the colour adjectives with the objects. So you should say hēi sè de tóu fà.

Remember, I taught how to use adjectives in video #3, be sure to review it if you have any questions.

Chinese Fact

In China, when we want to celebrate New Year or a wedding, we always use red things like red paper cutting, red blankets, red bag etc. As the color red represents good luck and happiness.

Of course, many people like more than one color so these character traits associated with colors have some give and take. Great Class! See you next time. Xiàcìjiàn. Take care. bǎozhòng
homework: ask at least three people Nǐ xǐhuān shénme yánsè? Write down the answers they give to you in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe!


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