If We Only Knew (Jacob and Rensmee Love Story)EP14 Encounter





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Published on Dec 30, 2010

Renesmee was left sitting on the cold hard sand as she watched Jacob run off into the crowd further down the beach. She breathed a heavy sigh and stood from where she had just been sitting and started to make her way down toward the water. Then she smelt it, that sickly sweet scent of …Vampire. She instantly turned and was facing two dark cloaks, Felix and Demetri. “Figures Aro would send the two of you, though I’m surprised that he didn’t send Jane. Where is the little monster, still sucking up to the three of them? Figures” “What are you doing here Renesmee? Did you honestly think that we would not find you?” Felix asked, humor filled his voice “No, I knew you would eventually come. Just thought that I would have a little more time in the real world first. There were so many place that I had wanted to visit, but you two always spoil my fun” she replied with a sly grin, sarcasm flooding her words. “We are here to bring you back to Volterra one way or another Renesmee. Your choice, but please let’s not try and make a scene. Wouldn’t want to kill any of your new friends now” at that moment Felix quickly grabbed her wrist and waist with one swift movement and placed the other over her mouth. “Hummm, you smell as good as you mother” “Felix, now is not the time” Demetri scolded. They quickly started making their way back into the forest. “Good god, that jacket smells horrible. Get it off her it’s bad enough she already smells like dog, no need to bring it back with us” Demetri complained but Felix had already started removing it from Renesmees shoulders when he let go of her mouth. She let out and ear piercing scream and started to make a run for it but Demetri was too quick and took hold on her arm breaking it in the process. She let out another scream. He took hold of her neck and bit down, silencing her in one swift movment. She tried clawing him in the face but was thrown to the grown, knocking her head against a rock and slumping to the ground before her vision went black.

Okay, so that was really short but...I really just wanted to focus on the action for once. Keep reading it gets even better!

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