Y'all Busted




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Published on May 18, 2010

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Label: Kathartic Music Group, LLC
Director: Brian Storm (DreamChaser Films)
Producer: Albert Lopez
DIirector Of Photography: Ethan Tabor
1st AD: Mike Ward
2nd AD: Akyya Mayberry
Grip: Richard "Lucky" Vargas

(Moderator, Dr. David Kupfer, M.D., University of Pittsburgh, Consensus Conference Panel Chair): "...I would like, uh, any member of the panel to describe a typical ADHD in terms of symptomatology. Mark, would you like to...since you see them in your practice?"

(Psychiatrist Marc Vonnegut): "There are...uh, I mean, I think the panel has been frank - in you know the difficulties here are immense in terms of - um...of uh...ummm...these I mean, it is hard, it's very hard to know how to answer this question.
Okay! Here's a little story 'bout this girl named Faye.
She has a project due to turn it in a couple days.
She studying to be a shrink and she wants a good grade.
They send her to the schools to watch the kiddies at play.
She jots it all down everything they do and say.
One's chewing a pen and she writes it right away.
One, they talking to and she looks the other way.
Joey he in the chair can't sit still gotta sway.
Oh no, she sees its a problem, writes 'em all down on a list so they can solve 'em.
Label em all trouble and then we can resolve 'em.
The list goes to the teachers with a line of parents to call em.
Gon tell the parents that their kids are ill.
Gon fix up Jonny so he can finally learn to chill.
When he swingin them legs make him pop a couple pills.
Label them all problem even though it aint real.

CHORUS: Ah Duh Huh? ... DuhBuh, um.
So to end dis, we bustin' you, Y'all busted.........Y'all Busted.
Ah Duh Huh? ... DuhBuh, um.
So to end dis, we bustin' you, Y'all busted.........Y'all Busted.

Okay! Here you go coming home from working all day.
The teacher calls you up with somthin else she gotta say.
Talking bout your kid in a messed up way.
He's gotta see a shrink and you just might have to pay.
If he aint livin in the hood then its probably all good, Mama says, Oh yeah? Oh, you really think he should?
Now this here, just aint right the psychs got em so tight they dont put up a fight.
Now if this was the hood I dont think you could.
Just come up and say dat? Yo, I wish you would.
Mama dont play that, yo she cut you cuzz. Better tell her what ADHD is and what is does.

(Psychiatrist Marc Vonnegut): There are...ummm, they can not... um, even when, um....they are as if driven by a motor there are some good clinical descriptions...


Free your mind from mis-education, misenterpretation yo they tryna control.
You and me both with dose after dose.
dey comatose and roast ya, enslave the culture.
Insulin shock 10,000 had to die to stop.
Lobotomy cuttin' up brains 11,000 dropped.
And you wanna know who gansta? Who da dope man?
Pack 'em up, pack 'em up, man fast as you can.
Got the shelves on lock. commercials non-stop.
Label everybody's problems so they all gon cop.
Some will scream when they hear that we exposing the wolves screw 'em, let em stand in our way, well run through em.
Using legality to hide the reality.
Oh there goes sanity Em don't be mad at me.
You on my side I see heard it on my TV.
Together we gon bring out the truth bout ADHD.


So, let's be real, man! What's it all about, man?! From your own mouth, man .

(Psychiatrist Marc Vonnegut): "I think, you know, we - uh, I, I, I do, I think, Uh, part of the problem is the profession keeps changing the diagnosis..."

We gon foil your plans our tax dollars aint yours, Hip hoppers and black America the first to say, "Up yours!"
(Moderator, Dr. David Kupfer, M.D., University of Pittsburgh, Consensus Conference Panel Chair): "At this time we do not have a diagnostic test for ADHD. Therefore the validity of the disorder continues to be a problem."

©2010 Kathartic Music Group, LLC


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