I Am The Doctor's Medley (Extended Series 6 Version)





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Published on Dec 20, 2011

Ever wished you could listen to I Am The Doctor for 40 minutes straight?

Well, here it is. By popular demand (meaning a couple of people commented and said they wanted it), the extended series 6 version of I Am The Doctor's Medley. Now featuring all the variations of the I Am The Doctor tune form Series 5, A Christmas Carol, and Series 6.

Tracks used in the order you hear them:

1. A Troubled Man (S5)
2. Everything Has To End Sometime (CC)
3. Honey I'm Home (S5)
4. A Very Unusual Melody (S6)
5. Apollo 11 (S6)
6. Time Is Moving (S6)
7. The Sun's Gone Wibbly (S5)
8. A Useful Striker (S5)
9. Just A Little One (CC)
10. Pray For A Miracle (CC)
11. Geoff (CC)
12. Bedtime For George (S6)
13. The Patient Centurion (S5)
14. Locked On (S6)
15. Who Else Is Coming (S5)
16. Pop (S6)
17. Down To Earth (S5)
18. He Comes Every Christmas (CC)
19. You Didn't Hit The Boy (CC)
20. Thank You Craig (S5)
21. Big Colour (CC)
22. Talk About Girls (CC)
23. This Planet Is Ours (CC)
24. You Didn't Hit The Boy (CC)
25. Cab For Amy Pond (S5)
26. All For One (S6)
27. This Is Where It Gets Complicated (S5)
28. I See You Silence (S6)
29. The Other Half's Inside The Shark (CC)
30. Help Is On Its Way (S6)
31. I Am The Doctor In Utah (S6)
32. Adrift In The TARDIS (S5)
33. The Perfeect Prison (S5)
34. Definitely Going (S6)
35. My Time Is Running Out (S6)
36. Tell Me Who You Are (S6)
37. Beneath Stonehenge (S5)
38. Chicken Casanova (S5)
39. Emotions Get The Better Of Him (S5)
40. The Sad Man With A Box (S5)
41. Roman Paradox (S5)
42. The Sun's Gone Wibbly (S5)
43. Words Win Wars (S5)
44. I Remember You (S5)
45. The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box) (S6)
46. Amy In The TARDIS (S5)
47. Come Along Pond (CC)
48. I Am The Doctor (S5)
49. The Majestic Tale (Of A Madman In A Box) (S6)
50. I Am The Doctor (S5)
51. Onwards (S5)
52. Words Win Wars (S5)
53. Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (S6)
54. Everything Has To End Sometime (CC)
55. Words Win Wars (S5)

Music belongs to the BBC and Murray Gold.

This is a fair use transformative work. No infringement intended. No profit made.


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