Bush killed JFK line-up.





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Uploaded on Jan 2, 2012

How is these photos of Bush proof Bush killed JFK???

The line-up.
We measured the height of the cement wall behind GHW Bush in Dallas.

From his CIA ID we obtained his listed height.
Exact same height as the GHW Bush standing in Dallas.

That is a big clue. Exactly the same height!!!
We know Nixon's height from his line-up photos.
With GHW Bush standing next to Nixon we can prove his height.

Murder trial of Geo HW Bush begins in SF, CA April 3rd, Monday, Federal Building, Dept 17, 2pm.

During the trial, we intend to ask Bush "If he heard the 5 shots fired by Hunt & Sturgis & X,
at JFK on 11-22-63?

Seriously. Bush is now on trial in SF, for war crimes in Iraq.

As any investigator or lawyer can tell you, if a person is asked,
"'Where were you on 11-22-63?"
And the person denies being in Dallas,
and 7 pieces of solid evidence prove he was in Dallas, with his wife, whose photo you will see here next week,

That is an admission against interest,
an actual confession. Bush lied as to where he was. His wife told the truth.

He looks like Bush, has his hands in his pockets just like Bush, dresses like Bush, same tie, same suit, same in-crowd, walks like Bush, talks like Bush, stands like Bush, smells like Bush. Maybe its Bush's evil twin brother.
Blame somebody else. Please.
That must be Bush. Arrest Bush for the murder of President Kennedy.

************************* ******* ****** ********
Yes, we now also have a photo of Dorothy Hunt standing next to Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and the other CIA assassins, as she is Supervising the assassination of President Kennedy.
We demand Obama arrest Bush for the murder of JFK.

JFK Special film conference SF,

SF Pub. Library SF, 2pm -3pm

Unitarian Church 7pm - 9pm 1127 Franklin & Geary & O'Farrell.

Friday Nov. 22, 2013
3 great speakers: Paul Kangas, etc.

The winners write the history books.

This photo of Bush at the TSBD is an implied confession by Bush,
because he never denies that this is him.

It is so eerie how the right hand in his pocket
is exactly the same pose in both pictures.

Almost everything about the 2 photos is identical. Positive proof Bush killed JFK.

Feed-in Tariff.

We demand PG&E pay us what we are owed.
We won't back down until PG&E pays us for solar.

This elections is about what we the people need to be doing the day after the election.

The world is out of oil.
We must shift to 100% of solar power to run the state of California & the nation,
the exact same way Germany has shifted into an economy based 100% on solar energy.

America wants someone who can provide leadership to show us how to create a million new solar jobs in 2013.

Please return to: Paul Kangas, 15 Boardman Pl., SF, Ca 94103

Download this petition now.
Circulate it in your town.

Ask the 10 most powerful people you know to sign.
Ask 10 friends to sign.
Ask the Mayor to sign.
Ask the city council to pass it as a policy statement.
Only CIA journalists, trying to cover-up the Bush role in the assassination,
dispute that both these photos are Bush.

Even if Geo HW Bush confessed to killing JFK, Obama & the ruling class would do nothing.

Obama signed an oath to protect the Bush family from prosecution.
Obama signed an oath with the Skull & Bones to never release all the evidence from Dallas showing the role of Bush in the JFK assassination until 100 years after Bush is dead.

Obama is a war criminal who deserves a second term,... in prison.

Romney is about to select Mario Rubio, the son of one of the people who assassinated JFK, to be part of his cabinet. Then when Rubio is in the cabinet, the CIA will assassinate Romney and put Paul Ryan up as the new LBJ, the new Hitler, etc.

And the average American will accept whatever lies the media puts out.
And so it goes ... as the CIA flushes America down the bloody drain of history.

Banana Republic America.

Look carefully at the face of Bush in the White House.
Can you see the dimple on his left cheek?
Use a magnifying glass.
It is perfect.

Notice you see the same small dimple on the photo of Bush on the right, in front of the Texas School Book Depository.
Proof Bush was in Dallas when JFK was executed in a military style public execution, at high noon.
How much more evidence do you need?
Time to arrest Bush for the murder of JFK.

Who has the best quality copy of this photo?
The one with Nixon comes from: Pomegrante, POB 808022,
Petaluma, Ca 94975, Michael Ochs Archives.

2014: 376,000 people viewed line-up.

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