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Published on Nov 12, 2012

How to solve the global problems ? - A new approach.

Part I of III: http://youtu.be/l2xmLwrb6Wk
Part II of III: http://youtu.be/QZ11Cc1ca9I
Part III of III: http://youtu.be/wE0qgmO9nU4
Part 'post scriptum': http://youtu.be/3Yohkqbpar8

Exactly three years ago, we sent this presentation to President Barack Obama by pre-paid first class recorded delivery letter. About mid of 2008, after it was sure, he will become the next President of the United States, we decided to make for him a ready-to-go master-plan to solve the problems of the United States, which also means to rescue our civilization from the current course of self-programmed downfall. - Unfortunately, it seems to us, President Barack Obama was never handed out our complete, original presentation ...

Thus, we decided to make this presentation public: It's now on YOU, as a responsible member of the internet community, to find a way to inform the President or the members of U.S. Congress, high officials or other highly deciding political parties, WHERE to find this original presentation, if you agree that's 'high noon' for implementing such a ready-to-go master-plan to solve the 'burning problems' on the highest decision level, instead of doing politics like 'fizzling out in the littlest' ...

Only because of it's length, this presentation is divided in three movie parts and a 'post scriptum' movie. But please consider, all these problems are connected to each other and depend from each other. Therefore, the solution strategy should not be divided in it's parts, because all 'solution-pieces' are connected to each other and depend from each other, too. - Let's talk a little bit more about this point: Our civilization suffers from analyzing 'everything' into it's 'littlest parts', but is nearly unable to integrate the gained 'knowledge of the littlest' to a highly structured, general solution strategy, to an applicable ready-to-go master-plan for the politicians and other powerful parties. - So, we did this job, integrated 'million little pieces' to such a master-plan which now can be easily implemented by the political parties ...

Surely, such a plan is not a 'steady-stead' subject. Instead, it's a highly dynamic concept, which becomes widened, if the problems widen, and which adopts new ideas and concepts in a smooth manner, if older concepts don't show the planned results after implemented ... - Would you wait until a 'totally perfect car' will be sold, when you urgently need to drive your kid to the doctor, and 'only' your 'nowadays car' is just available at your door ? - So, it's the same with such a ready-to-go master-plan.

Beside, we developed the Adaptive Capital Economy (short: ACE) as an alternative to the Interest Afflicted Credit and Financial System (short: IACF), because the IACF is an outmoded 'financial engine' and accused to be one reason for the self-programmed downfall of our civilization with its senseless destruction of this little planet. Thus, introducing the ACE by a legal act of the U.S. Congress and the President means opening again a door to a brighter future, to a new level of our civilization, free of the devastating consequences caused by this stuttering, bottle-necked IACF. As a 'side-effect', this will give 15 million Americans new and good payed jobs, bring three million homeless people into new homes, reduces criminality on the streets, and will bring the U.S. budget deficit down to zero within ten years. It also saves us from 'nature's rage' by climate change and gives mankind the opportunity to manage the Earth's climate for the next thousands of years. It creates new industries for new products and allows us to settle down on other planets which ease and in shortest time, while not stressing the wallet of taxpayers ...

Naturally, we've calculated everything based on 2009 available scientific data from different sources. So, everything can be proofed and re-calculated by scientists and other interested people. We are not 'scientific fundamentalist', which means, the presented master-plan is open for new scientific or technological concepts, improved data and advanced ideas ...

To say it straight: Our civilization will not survive, if we go on like this: "Yes, we can! - But no, we didn't."

We hope you appreciate the presentation.
Thank you for watching !

Please read the description of 'part 2' of the presentation ! - Thank you.

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