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Published on Aug 21, 2010

One of the greatest WTF moments in film history. From Akira.

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Chae H
When I was in high school, I used to scoff at the awkward anime club, and take pride in the fact that I was "too cool" for this. I enlisted in the United States Marines, and am still in. In between exercises, we had a lot of down time in the barracks and the field. I decided to watch this film, and was simultaneously floored and humbled. Akira is the perfect introduction into the realm of anime/manga. It's gritty, action packed, reverential, transcendental, and emotionally charged, a giant, beautiful kinetic film that wraps you up in what is happening. I will admit, I have a very infantile understanding of Eastern philosophy/spirituality, but this opened my mind and now I read manga and watch anime rather avidly. I'm happy that this exists.
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Kyros Droztamyr
whathell6t it also fucked it over.
Red Blazer
Chae H well said
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Shiro Brief
Kaori's death is so freaking haunting, the poor girl was so nice to end so horrendously. It depresses me everytime.
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ChoZen 1
obj. 277 No, she didn't. She still died. The fuck are you talking about?
ChoZen 1
kimmy karisma She got shot. I don't think that's kind.
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Oliver Allen
Imagine being so powerful, that your organs had to be separated after they killed you. AKIRA.
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ChoZen 1
The Chosen One Not old enough.
Julio Torres
The Chosen One me a a fertilized egg cell
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Do what you must, I have already won
I watched this when I was pretty young and it fucking horrified me for days afterwards.
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This was so scary
Charlie N
same but I'm still scarred till this day..
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Ridwan Taslim
That girl. What a way to die
Youcef Guenaoua
Ridwan Taslim feel bad to her...
Asura Izumi
sad as fuck
Stout Shako
Holy fucking shit. This was horrendously and creatively done. Whenever I watch something that has someone possessed by power greater than they can handle, this is the bar that will be set for it.
xEpTICSHOTZz this scene shows that tetsuo is a huhe cunt
Well... ... said...
This dub is absolute shit.
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+Lank the Dank I was thinking the same thing. Some of the voice acting in this scene is good, and some of it isn't. I'm just glad that during parts like 0:57-0:59, 2:50 and 3:00 they didn't have the American dub actors record the characters making any gasping sounds, because that would have sounded silly and it probably wouldn't have been accurate to the original Japanese dub.
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Dorchena Brewer
It's depressing seeing Tetsuo so scared and calling for Kaneda in the end. They were literally just trying to kill each other, and now Kaneda is trying to save him.
Dorchena Brewer
+Antonio Tyler I know!! It just gets to me how it's like they fucking love each other (no yaoi today sir) and they were forced to try and kill one another, then in the end Kaneda is trying to save him! And this happened because Tetsuo was tired of being treated like a runt! Oh my god I can't wait to get the manga for the even longer story.
Antonio Tyler
Dorchena Brewer When Tetsuo cries out Kaneda to help him, Kaneda instant stops to help his friend.
Justin Okoh
Surprisingly, there actually is going to be a 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Let's hope nothing like this happens. XD
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wyatt cowan
Usain bolt too fast to be caught by akiras light
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Cee Woo
Sad what happens to the girl
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Peter Kazavis
Hades Finish 8th grade yet?
ChoZen 1
Hades It's because she generally loved him, you heartless idiot!
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