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Published on Apr 16, 2012

J: *Jumps off the stage then landing on my feet pretty much scaring every1 including Nick* I'm fine. *I told them all; walks up to Nick* Ready to go baby?

Nick: Is the soundcheck & rehearsal done already?

J: Yup. C'mon lets go, we have plenty of time before the actual concert to have some fun.

Nick: But what about the guys? *Gestures to them*

J: Ah they'll be fine, plus Big Rob will following us of course & so will Dalal too.

Nick: But don't you need to stay-

J: Ah-ah-ah, no more work for now. Rockstars need some time to themselves too y'know. Plus I'm been itching to ditch this scene for awhile.

Nick: *Smiles getting up from my seat; giggling* Okay then I'm in.

J: *Grins widely walking with him out of The Fillmore taking the car starting its engine while finishing buckling up*

Nick: *Gets in the car* So where we going?

J: Its a surprise I can't say just yet.

Nick: *Laughs still smiling* Can I get a hint?

J: *Driving off to our secret destination through the city streets* Hmm, I suppose thats only fair. Lemme see, what kind of a clue can I give you without you guessing easily?

Nick: Kay, how about this what's the purpose of the place we're going to?

J: An excellent q baby, its actually a place to discover, learn, & have fun.

Nick: Sounds very cool.

Dalal: *Appears then in the backseat floating* Doesn't it?

Nick: *Gasps turning around to see her* Hey, don't sneak up on us like that!

Dalal: *Chuckles* What, I wanna see the sights too.

J: *Looks @ her through my mirror* Hello Dalal, so glad you could join us.

Dalal: Naturally, nice moves on the rehearsal BTW. I can't wait for the concert!

Nick: I thought you'd watch over me invisibly.

Dalal: That is still true, but when I saw what you guys were up to I couldn't but make myself visible. Plus I never said anything about not appearing when I wanted.

Nick: *Laughs a little* Okay fine, but speaking of you watching everything aren't you hungry?

Dalal: Not to worry Nick, I kind of splurged @ that buffet Big Rob got for you.

J: Oh yeah? What did you end up choosing?

Dalal: It was kind of a tough pick, but I finally went with the tuna salad. I eat a lot of fish naturally, but the way this stuff was made like yum!

J: Ha ha, I know I agree. So Dalal, where'd you come from?

Dalal: I traveled from New Zealand, my goodness what a journey that was from there to here, whew.

Nick: *Explains* She doesn't like beaming yet, but I'm going to hopefully try & change that.

J: Hmm, I see smell's like a bet to me.

Dalal: Oh it is & its going to be 1 I win, cause many of my friends back home have tried to get me to do the same & I was like uh-ah no way.

J: So wait back up you swam all the way here? How many miles is that?

Dalal & Nick: 6,788.56 miles (10,925.1 kilometers).

J: *Eyes widen* Holy cow, thats crazy!

Dalal: I know, but it wasn't so bad I like to travel & plus swimming is so much fun, this whole floating thing is new to me but its kind of neat @ the same time. I believe 1 of your friends Nick, what's her name was it Mary? Maya? Mia?

Nick: Mariah or Mar as we call her?

Dalal: Thats her, she thought I should give the human look try & I was like maybe-ish cause according to her she totally preferred her regular self.

Nick: *Beams* Thats true she just wasn't used to it, but things like that take some time. I'm doing pretty well now.

Dalal: Mm-hmm I can tell. Wow this is a really nice city, quite different from back home.

J: I can imagine so. What's it like there where you live?

Dalal: Its beautiful Joe, you & Nick should visit sometime. Its off to the right from Australia, & its ideal to my species we love it there.

J: *Nods smiling* Definitely, I'd love to see it in person. So Nick mentioned you're a Maui/Hector's dolphin.

Dalal: I am, thats how people can tell thanks to my rounded dorsal fin, kind of reminds you of Mickey Mouse's ears don't you think?

Nick: Yes like so much. *Giggles* It makes you unique & quite a cutie pie.

Dalal: *Blushes smiling* Aww you're too kind, right back @ you Nick.

J: He's right, its really cool. *Smiles shortly after driving for so long stops* Surprise guys! We're arrived you 2.

Nick: Wowsers! *Exclaims seeing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeiwP1...

Dalal: Yeah ditto! *Mouth drops* Where are we?

J: Nick & Dalal, I present to you the Exploratorium, a museum & laboratory. Ready to be have some real fun?

Nick: Absolutely!

Dalal: Yes, wowie this place is awesome, I can tell its going to be great!

Joe: *Chuckles & parks as we all went in together checking out everything it had to offer from amazing & intriguing science exhibits & experiments with water, electricity, sand, metal balls & spinning patterns & more. With every step, each of our smiles grew & our curiosity. We played & explored, taking lots of pics & doing a few vids as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8Vvlp...

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