(p1) Epigenetics: Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS) with Dr. Joy DeGruy





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Streamed live on Oct 12, 2015

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Show #1: Understanding Cognitive Dissonance

https://goo.gl/gRdgCi - Dr. Joy DeGruy is a nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter. She is an ambassador for healing and a voice for those who’ve struggled in search of the past, and continue to struggle through the present. Dr. Joy is the acclaimed author of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome —America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: The Study Guide (http://goo.gl/Mh7KrY), with a second book in the works , Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Part 2: Be The Healing.

Dr. DeGruy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications; two master degrees in Social Work and Clinical Psychology; and a PhD in Social Work Research. With over twenty years of practical experience as a professional in the field of social work, she gives a practical insight into various cultural and ethnic groups that form the basis of contemporary American society.


Through lectures, workshops, seminars and special guest appearances, Dr. Joy has shined a light on the critical issues affecting society. Those who have experienced Dr. Joy in person, can tell you that they have been “stimulated, enlightened and inspired.” Dr. Joy’s seminars have been lauded as the most dynamic and inspirational currently being presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary social issues. Topics include:

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome – Effects of Slavery and Institutionalized Racism
Diversity Training
Healing Workshops
Culture Specific Models
Community Building
Violence and Gang Prevention



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The Queen!!, Dr. Joy gives me joy, awesome video.
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Psychometric measurements are hard to develop lol. Kudos to Dr. Joy Degruy! I Love her so much. This was a SPECTACULAR interview!! Here is her published and unpublished work, I've also included a link to Richard Rothstein's piece: Racial Respect and Racial Socialization as Protective Factors for African American Male Youth: Dr. Joy Degruy (2011): http://www.d.umn.edu/sw/cw/documents/Racialrespectandsocializationasprotectivefactors.pdf THE AFRICAN AMERICAN ADOLESCENT RESPECT SCALE (AAARS)-Dr. Joy Degruy (2001) http://www.joydegruy.com/assets/docs/RespectScale.pdf A Dissertation on African American Male Youth Violence: Trying to kill the part of you that isn't loved, (2001)- Dr. Joy Degruy Unpublished manuscript/dissertation...I'm very resourceful lol. http://www.centerfortraditionalmedicine.org/uploads/2/3/7/5/23750643/dissertation_on_male_youth_violence.pdf The Making of Ferguson (2014)- Richard Rothstein http://s3.epi.org/files/2014/making-of-ferguson-final.pdf Some of this research is hard to find if you're not attached to a university or are subscribed to a journal publication. If you can find the title of the journal article, you may end up getting lucky and getting the FULL TEXT just by googling and looking for a PDF file lol. Otherwise, you'd have to pay 30 dollars per ARTICLE or subscribe (hundreds of dollars). There's a new site called deepdyve.com, that offers research articles for 40 dollars per month and JSTOR.ORG offers 3 articles for free (recurring option) before having to subscribe or purchase; you read them online, can't download, however to get around this, take screen caps of the article's pages lol. It's called JPASS. Since I'm no longer in school, these are the ways I keep up lol. SAGEPUB.COM has great publications as well. The Journal of Black Psychology is a good Journal. also, typing in keywords like "racial socialization" etc will yield you journal articles as well on google lol. Also, look at the works cited in the lit review or citation page. I'll be tuning in to your epigenetic video.
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D Blake
She's so dope!! So down to earth/brilliant/factual/critical thinking/unapologetic/revolutionary/powerful/.....I can go on forever!!!...respect to the Goddess!!
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eric mccray
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As people of color We were trained to never wag our tails , least it be cut away , bark too loud least We get a swat on the nose , or go beyond the yard or receive a shock from our collar . Alas we wait at the gate for our owner , tails tucked trembling trying not to make eye contact , head bowed , yet I am not aware I am a wolf , if I only knew that I could bite the hand that feeds me I could return to my natural state As the alpha .
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Davetta White
Watching this opened my eyes so much that I was on tears. The truth hurts. I see this amongst my African-American people. I see this in my house with my son. Because of the information shared here. I know now I need to handle my son differently. I can no longer to at my fellow African-American brothers and sisters in a negative way. Though I knew this was the issue. I had now Idea that my thinking of some of my own pepole is a direct result of this. Powerful beyond measures are these words. Thank you so much. My life will forever be changed
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Oswald Bates
i love this woman!
Silque Black
the sound distortion ends around 5 min.
Dorothy Singletary
Dr. Joy Degruy is awesome . Listening to her express the theories on Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome was like hearing the truths that have been slowly coming to me over my 56 years poured out beautifully and clear. Thank you for letting GOD use you .
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Indigo Jes
I watched a conspiracy video the other day by freeman fly and he and his wife Jamie were not kind at all when they spoke of the good Dr. Degruy. I was extremely sad. I'm glad that the Dr keeps speaking the truth because it needs to be said. Institutional racism is a real thing, it infuriates me to no end when non blacks poke fun and blame it conspiracy.
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