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Published on Feb 19, 2011

Michèle Causse (1936-2010) was a lesbian theorist, translator and author. She was suffering from a non-lethal bone disease and decided to end her life with the help of an assisted suicide organization. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland. There are two organization providing these kind of services: Dignitas and Exit.

If god was concerned about human beings going to hell, he could tell them himself what they should do. But he doesn't! Therefore, I am not going to listen to 2000 years old rubbish!

"This is how modern real humans die. Religious people can die screaming all the way to their fake god."
From Youtuber: 699backstab

To all the people posting moronic religious comments, I suggest you to watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RT6rL...

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I support assisted suicide.  Deal with it.
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Mr. Tequila
I want to take this too
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This is as humane and as controlled as death can get. There is no dignity in death, but at least this way, you can go on your terms if you're suffering. Anyone who opposes this doesn't grasp the fundamentals of death.
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Athena Anffinson
+LifelessKids, go fuck yourself, oh i forgot your already do lol... pathetic dumbarse piece of lowlife shit, one i reported your arse to utube and google , so your account is now flagged lol..., even if i am pagan NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS what my beliefs are and come on bitch lets see your pic instead of just a letter what can't do it awww must be too ugly to show your own pic lmfao... scum piece of shit loser
Athena Anffinson fuck you pagan pighead shit
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Samantha May
Without getting into any of the religious aspects or controversies of this video, I will say, this mother fucker has balls. Anyone that can consciously and willingly kill themselves without a tear in their eye has got some serious fucking balls.
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This is how modern real humans die. Religious people can die screaming all the way to their fake god. A real act of courage is what we see here. A real person who I already admire. Listen, while you are deathrattling from cancer after a torturous session of cancer drugs and all the pain, this woman laughs in your face as she eats chocolate and slips away painlessly.
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Whistling Maniac Do you want to live in untreatable pain? I work in a hospital and the fight ends sooner for some. I think you should see the ICU movie that some of us saw that are employed at the same hospital "Extemist" the fight for an extra day when you can breath or blood is leaking out everywhere is such an awful sight. I'm young but still going to do a Allow natural Death certificate before I do my next suegery. If I die suddenly or in my sleep it would really make me relax more.
Fabulous Radish
Whistling Maniac Nobody should have to go through the agonising pain this poor woman went through. Why fight if you're just gonna suffer the rest of your life? It's her choice in the end, and we should respect it either way.
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Mike Hawk
One day I hope THIS will be available to those who truly need it, everywhere. You simply fall asleep literally minutes after drinking a small amount of liquid. I wish so much this was available to people today, not just anybody mind you, but those who really, truly need it. The sheer amount of pain and suffering this would prevent is mind boggling. It makes me cry just thinking how much suffering this would prevent in someone's life. A life that would otherwise be filled with so much suffering, and for what? so the living can feel good knowing their own beliefs were put before one's suffering? Damn those people for prolonging pain & suffering on these poor souls...
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Jens Hendriks
Mike Hawk But it shouldn't be too easy to get. keep in mind that there are people who will use it in the worst way possible.
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Mariane Orgaya
"Me Before You" novel brought me here. 😱
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Now I am here, cause of this same reason :(
burman syamsu
And so do i...
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Blind Terry Tucci
Beautiful last words.  I love people that are against suicide.  How is choosing your path cowardice? If someone is in pain or does not want a life or death that includes more suffering, why shouldn't they be allowed to?  All feelings against suicide come from being selfish.  Someone should suffer just because YOU don't think it's right or because YOU don't want that person to die?  You are not living that person's life and you have no right to judge. 
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Rusty Gold
+Marc Vince From the looks of it from the generation before this incoming one, life ain't all that good anyway.
Fabrizio Hernandez
+Marc Vince who do i give my money to so all youtube commenters are like you? (:
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Deanna Brownlee
I see this as very sad, but somehow bittersweet. Even in the cases of non-fatal disease, it gets to the point where you cannot continue on. It's not about being depressed. It's about a logical choice. You simply reach a point where there is no point in continuing to live. You deserve to live, sure. And plenty of people would hate to see you go. But sometimes it just reaches that tipping point. Sometimes, it's just time to go.
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Deanna Brownlee
+Allison McInnis Thank you very much!
Allison McInnis
Well Said
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is anyone else taken aback at how casual this whole thing is? laughing and joking...drinks fluid joking and laughing while eating candy.....falls asleep
This seems like a nice and peaceful way to die, i would do it if I had a terminal desease
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the soul that you have is god's soul not your's to choose when to end. be patient. its gods will for all humans and that everyone have their time. if you are not a beliver then keep searching.
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