1. It's OK to be Gay if You're Straight as Long as it Involves Anger???

  2. Crixus and Archfiend Give You The Week 1 NFL Picks!

  3. Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, 2012 U.S. Presidential Election and My Thoughts on Politics in General.

  4. Hack Attack NES Motivation Donation Update: I Need MORE Motivation

  5. Shane Dawson: Worthless Con Man

  6. My 500th Video & The Pussification of a 3 Year Old Deaf Kid and America.

  7. LALAFCeption. LALAFC on LALAFC iJustine's Gaming Channel

  8. Watching South Park and Beavis and Butt-head Means You're a "Dunce"???

  9. 2012 NFL Predictions. Now With At Least 20% More Accuracy than Last Year!

  10. Painting of Jesus Christ Hilariously Ruined After 80 Year Old "Artist" Attempts to "Restore" it.

  11. Monument for Ku Klux Klan Leader In Selma, Alabama to be Expanded. Is That Wrong? My Thoughts.

  12. Pussification of America: Valedictorian DENIED Diploma After Saying "Hell" During Graduation Speech

  13. YouTube Hides Video Tags. Is This Really a Good Thing or Will it Just Make Video Whoring Worse?

  14. I Dunno

  15. I'm Obsessed. Time for a Long, Boring "Therapy Session" Video.

  16. James Rolfe and Mike Matei ADMIT the AVGN Cheetahmen 2 Fundraiser for Greg Pabich is a FRAUD!

  17. Hack Attack NES Motivation Donation Drive!!

  18. 2012 Basketball Wannabe Dream Team, Michael Phelps, Soccer Disappoints Me AGAIN, and Oscar Pistorius

  19. Dan Cathy of Chick Fil A is Against Gay Marriage. And...?

  20. France BEATS United States Swim Team 4 Years After France "Sucked It" and a Vacation Update.

  21. T&A With Archfiend, July 26th. The Pre-Vacation Edition. Death, School Grades, WWE and More

  22. Toby Tobuscus Turner's Ad and DSPGaming's Fury from that Advertisement (Never mind DSP is a douche)

  23. Another U.S. Tragedy. What Now?

  24. Michael Vick Releasing Tell-All Autobiography This September.... WHY?!?!

  25. Sony... You Will Pay for This! Plus Bonus "Miracle".

  26. MrRepzion is Doing it Wrong and I Encourage Some Suicides! Come at Me Bro!

  27. Sunday Sports Talk: UndertakerFreak1127 Cries, Kobe vs. the 1992 Dream Team, Kevin Love and More!

  28. I'm Mad: Screw Penn State University and Everyone Defending Them.

  29. Sunday Sports Talk: UFC 148, Heat Get Allen and Ruin NBA, 2012 MLB Attendance Figures

  30. The Mad Jealous Hater and Chris Bores is Buggin'.

  31. CraftNation Sinks to a NEW Low With His Latest Death "Dedication" Video.

  32. Sorry, Science. I Was WRONG. The Name, "God Particle" is All Media Shenanigans.

  33. Religion vs. Science: Physicists Find the "God Particle' and I Don't Care.

  34. So the Other Day I Got a Job

  35. Sunday Sports Talk: The Miami Heat and Lebron James Win* and Jerry Sandusky Screws Penn State Univ.

  36. Making the Bus Monitor Cry, Follow-up: Money Donations and is This Whole Thing a SCAM?

  37. RE: Making the Bus Monitor Cry

  38. LALAFC: YouTube Whore CraftNation is a Douchebag

  39. Sunday Sports Talk With Archfiend: Cliff Lee and the Shitties, Tiger Woods, OKC vs. the Heat

  40. Floyd "The Pussy" Mayweather Wants Out of Jail Because the Food and Water Sucks.

  41. T&A With Archfiend. Stealth Battleships, UFC, The Eagles, Nintendo, and Much More

  42. Sunday Sports Talk With Archfiend: Manny Pacquiao Gets Screwed and Fair-weather Miami Sports Fans

  43. The Pussification of America: Mom is Arrested for Cheering for Her Daughter at HS Graduation

  44. Religion and Atheism

  45. I Now Live In My Parent's Basement. Haters Rejoice. Plus Future Plans for this Channel

  46. LALAFC iWhore/iJustine's Video About People Dying From Malaria Has Opened My Eyes

  47. Who's Dumber? Man or Woman: Guy Knocks Up Women 30 TIMES!

  48. CammehYaBams' YouTube Channel TERMINATED!!

  49. Zippcast: Be Unseen. Now Just Die Already.

  50. E Begging and People Who Contribute to Stupidity Taxes... I'm Done Caring.

  51. Assassin's Creed and Andrew Luck Get Sued at Very Convenient Times.

  52. KONY 2012 "Cover the Night" FAILURE and Does the World Really Care About Someone Else's Problems?

  53. So the Other Day I Met Sidney Crosby...

  54. Why YouTube? WHY!? Cosmic Panda Controversy on Lady Gaga's Vevo Channel.

  55. YouTube to Allow EVERYONE to Become a Partner!!

  56. Why All the Hate and Complaining Archfiend? Tell Us What You Like!

  57. LALAFC iJustine's Whoring er... Gaming Channel

  58. Bronies. There. I Made a Video About the New My Little Pony Girl's Cartoon. Now Shush!

  59. 16 and Pregnant is Stupid. Both the MTV Show and the Concept.

  60. Do We Really Want Drugs to be Legalized in the United States? (Now watch the video)

  61. The Archfiend's Top 7 Facts: New Jersey

  62. AVGN Takes Another Hit Thanks to Censorship from Mike "The Coward" Matei

  63. The Reply Girls: Pointless and Boring but RICH Because of the People Who Complain About Them.

  64. Forget About "KONY 2012"! Support "TUNDE 2012"!

  65. So The Other Day I Moved In With My Girlfriend...

  66. An Archfiend Victory Over CraftNation. Free Speech Reigns Supreme!

  67. YouTube Pays Out $100 MILLION to Get Actual Hollywood Talent to Make Videos for 96 New Channels.

  68. LALAFC: Justin. Bieber. Sex. Orgy.

  69. I'm All For Legalization of Drugs BUT Here's Why It Wouldn't Be A Good Idea In the U.S.A.

  70. Flagged for "Bullying" CraftNation (AKA CraftCowardNation)

  71. AVGN's Fanboys Are THE ABSOLUTE WORST of All the Fanboys Out There. Did I Expect Better From Them?

  72. YouTube Whore, CraftNation is a Douchebag but Are His Fans Worse?

  73. Google Targets "Grunts", RWJ's New Video is Hated :'( and Congrats to the NY Giants

  74. Random Questions on Archfiend's Twitter: The February 2012 Edition

  75. Star Wars... George Lucas... The Phantom Menace in 3D!!... Enough Already!!

  76. ThatsoJack Apologizes. We Win. Everyone Go Home Now.

  77. LALAFC More Ray William Johnson Fanboy Goodness

  78. YouTube FORCES Change ONCE AGAIN. Get Ready for Cosmic Panda Channels Everyone.

  79. ThatsoJack Wants War? He's Got It! (Jack's Facebook message and links are in the video description)

  80. ThatsoJack Awakens Old School Archfiend

  81. YouTube to FINALLY Delete Junk Accounts. Old Accounts Deleted on Febuary 10, 2012.

  82. A Public Service Announcement About Being A Virgin.

  83. Ripoff Hacks on YouTube and My Video With; CammehYaBams, Undertakerfreak1127 and RantingRamsay.

  84. 2012 Predictions as Suggested by You Guys

  85. Is This Not Just a Little Over The Top? Part 2

  86. People Who Ruin "It" and I'm Not Talking About Your Dick.

  87. So the Other Day I Went Out Christmas Shopping

  88. Apple Blows. That is All.

  89. Tim Tebow is NOT Jesus Christ in a Football Jersey.

  90. YouTube Got Rid of Our Friends Lists!?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!......

  91. Thanks, Guys! Now Time to Give a Little Back.

  92. The New YouTube Homepage/Changes SUCK! Haven't We Been Over This Before?

  93. Why Do Rich People Play the Lottery? 3 Rich Guys in CT Win $254,000,000 Powerball Jackpot. Yay.

  94. The Stop Online Piracy Act and The Protect IP Act Are Bad News. **CENSORED RE-UPLOAD**

  95. NEWSFLASH: Buying Views On YouTube Is NOT Cheating. Got it, Will?

  96. Occupy Wall Street.... Time for a New Approach Occupiers or Just Go Home.

  97. UFC's Debut on Fox... The Hell Was That?! *EDIT* ALL The Prelims Aired On Spike? Why?!

  98. Why Do Some Gamers Insist On WAITING FOR HOURS To Buy Games At A Midnight/First Day Release?

  99. Penn State Child Sex Scandal. Joe Paterno Is Screwed. Penn State Legacy Ruined.