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Published on Feb 1, 2019

You asked, we answered. We are Helena, Jesse, Dagny, and Chiara of the Pique Resilience Project, answering a few of your questions for detransitioners and desisters. These are our personal stories and opinions as women who identified as trans and desisted and do not reflect the views of anyone except ourselves.

You can reach out to us at:

Email: piqueresilienceproject@gmail.com

Helena: @lacroicsz on Twitter.

Jesse: @dogcalledbambi on Twitter.

Chiara: @chiaracanaan ‏on Twitter.

Dagny: @detransstories on Instagram.

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Redress Alert
Redress Alert8 months agoHighlighted comment
Thank you all for making this! I'm excited to see that you found each other offline--it's so important to have those connections. I'm sharing this in all the detrans groups online. Please get in touch if you're interested in our annual gathering for detransitioned women/reconciling with being female/desisters. You can find me on tumblr/gmail at redressalert.
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Kalvin Garrah
Very insightful. Unfortunately nowadays it has become trendy to be trans and because of it, I guarantee in the next 5-10 years we will hear so many more detransition stories. The worst part is that anyone who calls out people who say "you don't need dysphoria to be trans!!!" or people who are blatantly identifying as trans for social justice points, is labeled a transphobic bigot. It's sad and frankly insulting to real transsexual people.
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Zack Barbieri
Tip for future videos: Read the questions aloud so those that are listening in the car etc can hear what the questions are
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strawberry melody
i think i big problem that may cause females to believe they’re trans even when they’re not, is expectations of how a female should behave/think/act and be. i remember having feelings of “am i a man?” “why do i feel male?” because i had always played with boys toys as a child, never been interested in makeup, etc and i have an extremely high sex drive and am interested in dominant aggressive sex. i also have strong urges of wanting to look after a boyfriend, pay for the date, buy him things, work for him. all this made me question that i was female. but i realised that i am infact definitely female. if i just think to myself excluding all my personality traits/how i am and behave and whatever..who am i? and my answer to myself was, im female. that’s who i am and it doesn’t matter whatever interests, feelings, thoughts whatever i might have. that has nothing to do with me being female, just because most females and most males happen to act in a certain way that doesn’t match up to mine. people have often reacting freaked out to my personality traits and yes there would be easier if i was a male but i’m not i don’t feel disgusted or bothered with my body. more disgusted with how many people assume a female is supposed to act and be
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So interesting, so glad I was born early enough to avoid the trans movement hitting my teen years because I can just imagine that I could have easily believed I was trans. I was so scared of puberty, I hated anything feminine, I wouldn't wear dresses and was always a tom boy.. Plus I had (have) mental health issues and I can see how easy it would be to attach those issues to my gender when I was so confused by my feelings. I hope we can find a way for trans people to have full support, while at the same time protecting vulnerable young people who are confused
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Dax Munro
I identified as a transgender man for 5 years and have been off hormones for almost a year now. I don't think social media helps nowadays, basically stating that gender identity and gender expression are the same thing. I think a lot of young people are at risk of being influenced by others on the internet. Thank you so much for making this video. It's great to know that I'm not alone in detransitioning. :') xx
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Kovu Kingsrod
I’m a trans guy and have been pretty much fully out for soon 3 years and on T for one. I think this discussion is extremely important and this video very helpful. Thank you for making this, it was very interesting to hear your insight! Looking forward to seeing more :)
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gay slug
am i the only trans guy watching out of fear of not actually being trans lmao
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Sneezing and Kai
I’ve identified as FTM for about a year and seven months now. I’m 16 and I realize it’s not what I truly identify now and that it’s just dysmorphia combined with feeling apprehensive towards femininity. I’ve already come out to my parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts and entirely socially and have no idea how to retract it all. I’m terrified and embarrassed.
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Aradia Snowdon
The not being able to question is what pushed me away from the non-binary community. If you say any little thing (even an innocent question) that doesn't fit their agenda they'll demonize you rather than try to educate. I think they are aware of the flaws in their logic but refuse to acknowledge it. This was a great video, and it's great to see so little hate in the comments section. People tend to be demonized simply for detransitioning!
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