earn someone and you lose someone: a justlena story: part:17





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Published on Jan 14, 2011


selena: no i feel to bad justin comee sleep up here with me

justin: are you sure?

selena: we r just friends its not like we are doing something naughty

justin: your right *flops on the bed next to her*

selena: alright turn the light out

justin: *turns off light and gets under blankets* oh wait i gotta take a shower goes to bathroom and take a shower*


justin: *comes out and lays down*

selena: *asleep and rolls over and lays on justins chest*

justin: selena?

selena: *still sleep*

justin: *puts his arm around her and goes to sleep*


selena: *wakes up and goes to the kitchen* hmm i wonder what we have to eat *opens fridge and takes out some eggs and bacon and juice* ill make some of this

justin: *wakes up* selena?

selena: im in here!

justin: *comes out* what are you doing?

selena: cooking some breakfasr

justin: aww man im hungey too!

selena: *gives him a plate of food*

justin: for me?!?!

selena: yea why would i make sumthing just for me!

justin: thank you *goes to the room and eats*

selena: *finishes cooking and goes to eat too*


selena: *gets dressed in shorts and a shirt*

justin: where you going?

selena: well were in florida so im going outside

justin: oh ill come to

selena: you better hurry *laughs*

justin: *gets ready* alright you ready?

selena: yea

justin: come on *grabs the keys and they leave*

selena: wow its beautiful here

justin: yea

selena: oh lets go see if they have star bucks

justin: ok *they go look*

selena: oh i think i see one! *points*

justin: are you sure?

selena: lets go find out *grabs his arm and pulls him*

justin: i guess it is one

justlena: *go inside and order something*

selena: mmmm i love starbucks

justin: yea they are good

selena: yea *phone rings* hello?

????: hey gurl! are you there!

selena: hey demz! and yes i am!!!

demi: omg is it beautiful

selena: yea!

demi: oh thats great! what are you doing!

selena: im at star bucks and guess here with me!

demi: who!

selena: justin!

demi: wow seriously

selena: yep wuts wrong u dont seem like surprised

demi: bcuz i kinda knew he was going

selena: why didnt you tell me?

demi: bcuz he didnt want me to tell you and i just found out where you were going

selena: so he is your new bess frenn?

demi: no why w-

selena: you dont keep other ppl secrets!

demi: selena seriously?!?!

selena: SIKE naw im just playing with you

demi: oh i was about to say

selena: *laughs*

demi: guess wut

selena: wut?

demi: me and joe are dating

selena: i thought you liked christian

demi: i do but when joe asked me out i couldnt say no!

(BTW demi and joe were never dating)

selena: wow do you even like joe?

demi: yes kinda

selena: oh ok well gurl ill tlk to you later ok i got some exploring to do!

demi: ok gurl! love ya

selena: love ya too!

demi: alright bye

selena: *hangs up*

justin: wut happened?

selena: demi nd joe

justin: oh wow

selena: yea ikr

thanks for watching ill make more tomorow


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