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Published on Feb 15, 2012

The doctor is in? I'm checking out!

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Sterling Archer
Like if your watching this because you miss Robin
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The red Jet
Feels M8 hhhhh
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Wow! What is wrong with you people! You berate Doug for doing a review of a shit movie years before he died! How stupid are you fuckers! Seriously!? Was Robin Williams generally a good actor!? Of course! Was this movie great!? Fuck no! I will call a spade a spade whether or not someone dies afterwards! Stand by your opinion, Doug! You can focus on the good now that he has died, but lets not say that a bad movie and performance was good just because he died! That would be hypocrisy of the highest order! 
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Mint Willow
I agree, I stand by your opinion. Besides, Doug didn't even shame too much of the Robin himself, just the horrible movie.
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Alex Furnas
It's a little spooky to see Robin Williams shaking hands with Philip Seymour Hoffman
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john gleason
Doug never makes fun of Robin Williams. He makes fun of a movie and a character in that movie, and I think he has every right to. The points are still accurate, and the jokes are still funny, even after Robin Williams' sad death.
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The One and Only Michael McCormick
+Tyler Hale As true as that may be, you can agree that it wasn't Robin Williams himself that was bad. 
T-Birdus Thoracis
+Michael McCormick Yeah but they wrote his character so badly.
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The real Hunter Adams was so upset with his portrayal in this movie that he actually contacted Williams to tell him.
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Thomas Pastor
pretty much, but he later said that he just didn't like the movie, not Robins himself
I bet path adams praised robin williams preformance, but patch adams did not.
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The fingers thing toward the beginning is beyond stupid and defeats the entire premise of the film. The guy holds up 4 fingers and tells Patch to look at him, not his fingers. He says he sees 8 fingers and the guy tells him that's a better answer because it doesn't conform to the objective consensus... The problem is that there are only 4 fingers and obviously, he sees the same 4 fingers from 2 different angles, thus creating the illusion that there are more. The implied message is that by focusing on the person rather than the problem, you cloud the issue and get the wrong answer, which is the OPPOSITE of the point the movie is trying to make.
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What has also interested me about that scene is the wording used. The old man never says, "how many fingers am I holding up?" The answer to that question would absolutely be 4. What the man says is, "how many fingers do you see?" Therefore, the answer of 8 isn't completely wrong. He does see 8! He also saw 4 depending on how he was looking at "the problem". But every person that man has asked always said 4 until Patch finally saw it in a new way. Obviously a metaphor for the breakthrough he makes in the patient/doctor relationship and contributions to the medical field. The scene itself is definitely not fluid or well done. But maybe I'm wrong. Who the hell knows. I'm high af right now.
+Tom Evans A metaphor is a figure of speech containing an implied comparison, in which a word or phrase ordinarily and primarily used of one thing is applied to another. So what are crazy guy's fingers a metaphor for? The four horsemen of the Apocalypse? The four gospels? The four elements? The four delicious flavors of marshmallows in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal? His, "Never focus on the problem, look at ME," is especially stupid. You can't figure out a solution if you don't understand the problem. It's one of those Hollywood writing cliches that's supposed to sounds deep and inspirational until you actually think about it for a moment.
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You know I thought I would be uncomfortable because Robin Williams is dead. But..... Fuck this movie, lol. Shit is mad sappy for no reason.
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+SUpersaiyajinjerkbag Fuckin' Aladdin, dude.
Nolan Johnson
+SUpersaiyajinjerkbag And "The Dead Poet Society, but I completely agree with you.
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The orthodox levels of this review are most un
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Steve Carras
Heh, no, just pointing out something even if Patch Adams appearances (the real McCoy, or McPatch) have been edited in the Unviersal video that I mentioned in my last reply (shrugs shoudlers). Totally good point about $$$$ talks, as the studios can bargain with the subject portrayed (Dr.Adams in this case) for a softball interview (wouldn't wanna go saying "THAT Robin Williams portrayal of me SUCKS" on screen now..)
Razor Smith
+Steve Carras another waste of time post?
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L Lawliet
My Intro Engineering teacher said that focusing on the solution is actually poor advice. You need to focus on the problem and come up with a solution from that since there are infinitely many solutions to a problem, but only one problem to a solution, so when you think of a solution first, it may not be relevant to the problem you are trying to solve ( as stated in the NC's little sketch). 
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L Lawliet not to mention, one solution may make things worse while another makes things better
George Romero
Who's your teacher?
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Sir Doc
The real Patch Adams hated the movie.
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Michelle Warns
Hey, go easy on him guys. I mean, seriously, stop calling him stupid! 
Sir Doc
+Blakkheim16 the real patch Adams hated the movie 
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