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Published on Mar 12, 2011

This is the awesome A7th pedal steel tuning that I learned years ago from one of my favorite steel guitar players, Basil Henriques in Europe. He's awesome!

My A7th setup uses 5 pedals and just 1 knee. Basil used a similar tuning as mine on all of the Waikiki Islander recordings. Here is my unique setup..

# gauge note 4 5 6 7 8 RKL
1 .013P E __________F_________________________
2 .015P C# ____________C______________________
3 .017P A _______B____________________________
4 .022P G ___G#___________F#__________________
5 .026W E __________F__________D#____________
6 .034W C# ____________C_______________________
7 .036W A _______B____________________________
8 .042W G ___G#___________F#________________
9 .058W E _____________________________________
10 .080W A ____________________________________

I keep pedal 8 down most of the time, which gives me a constant A6th open (the F# note being my 6th). Here's just a few chords available...

The 8th pedal + RKL = B11th tuning (Sand, Mapuana, Hana)
Pedals 7 + 8 = D9th Tuning (Moon of Manakoora, Bali Hai)
Pedals 4 + 5 = E6th tuning (Western Swing)

The only pedal I didn't use to play Sweet Leilani is pedal 6, as it is something new I've added lately and haven't worked into any arrangements yet.

I abandoned my standard Nashville C6th setup several years ago to go for Hawaiian on the A7th. I was scared at first, because there was no tablature for the A7th and I had little knowledge at the time of lap steel tunings. But I'm glad I made the change. I have since learned C6th, B11th, D9th and other lap steel tunings that help me to understand the beauty and practicality of this A7th all-in-one tuning.

Alvino Rey had a similar, but reversed approach to obtaining chords. Alvino had a C6th open instead of an A7th. Each of his 10 pedals on his S-10 ShoBud gave him a different chord. Really great stuff!

I like the Nashvile (or Texas) C6th setup for pedal steel (Deep Water, Moonlight in Vermont, Moonglow, Stardust) and miss my C6th (Tommy Roots was my favorite C6th player); but I love the Hawaiian much more and opted to go with that instead of Jazz or Pop on the C6th pedal steel. I love melodic Hawaiian and pretty Country music.

The A7th is the way to go for pedal steel Hawaiian. I'm considering looking into a Universal 12-string tuning guitar that will share both E9th and A7th. So if you smell something burning, it just means that I'm thinking somewhere...lol. The possibilities are endless with steel guitars.

My neck won't allow my to carry these things anywhere because of the weight. Thank God for lap steels! If you need a light pedal steel, check out the RAINS "Legend," or the JACKSON "Ultra Light." The RAINS is much cheaper.

Most people don't realize that Ralph Mooney simply converted his C6th neck into his E9th, and that's how he discovered all those fantastic new sounds never heard before. He's a genius!

Anywho, I love Sweet Leilani and it's one of my favorites to play, simple and lovely.

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