PC 12261 Owned - Manchester Police FAIL What To Do If Stopped By A Corrupt Lying Police Officer





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Published on Apr 13, 2013

To sheeple leaving comments supporting this corrupt cuntstubble, here is my response:

Address the FACT that, in chronological order, the cuntstubble abused his authority by stopping me under the Road Traffic Act. Only a uniformed cuntstubble is allowed to do this. He attempted to open my passenger side door, which he had no right to do. Thats when I started to record him.He then abused his authority again by attempting to open my door. Then he was evasive when asked if i was being detained. After he eventually said i wasn't being detained and that I was free to go, he made a false report over his radio that i was making off and called for assistance, attempting to entrap me into a police pursuit. At this point I think it's fair for me to conclude that I was dealing with a corrupt cuntstubble who thought he was above the law.I think I was justifiably furious. A person in a position of authority over other people, who abuses that authority does not deserve respect.It is at this point I inform him that his breath smelled of bacon and called him a punk. When his assistance arrived(another SEVEN officers), he again attempted to open my passenger side door. Then he asked me if I was going to open my door, so he could "speak" to me. Even though it was quite clear that he could speak to me through the window. Then he ordered me to switch the engine off, which I wasn't legally obliged to do, more abuse of authority. And finally he orders me to stop recording saying "turn it off a sec" and when i refuse he says "well I can't speak to you properly" . If whilst watching the video ,all of that escaped you, and you can only focus on me informing him that his breath smelled of bacon, and the tone of my voice, you are a deluded, brainwashed, mental slave that has been conditioned to unconditionally worship authority figures. It is sheeple like you that have allowed these cuntsubbles to become the abusers of authority that they are. I recommend you dial 999 and order a truncheon to fellate.Carry on living on your knees, you subservient fool, and despise me as much as you like, because whilst I was standing up for my own rights, I was actually standing up for yours too.

I'd like this corrupt cuntstubble to tell me why he was trying to open my door, and what his intentions were if the door had opened. He tells me to turn the camera off so he can speak to me properly..Why wouldn't a law abiding cuntstubble be able to speak to me properly on camera ? If anyone else has any ideas please leave them in the comments.

I might set up a website expose-corrupt-police.org,(tried to register the domain policetube.com people are already on it couldn't get policetube.ANYTHING apart from .bullshit, probably most of them are registered by corrupt police ) where people can upload their videoed evidence of police behaving inappropriately. I'm getting sick of them.. It's not just the odd one, every time I get stopped they try and open my door or order me out of the car illegally, because the power goes to their head and they think they're above the law. And they wonder why there are Dale Cregans and Raoul Moats out there. 2 cunstubbles were ran over recently in Manchester after stopping a vehicle. It wouldn't surprise me if they were abusing their authority too. I've been persecuted by the police since being a child, I've been assaulted, verbally abused and had them lie in order to get an arrest. I'm sure there are millions of people out there who have suffered similar experiences too. How long do they think people will put up with it for ? I'm sure that there are nice coppers out there, that do things by the book. And I love any copper that stops an old lady getting mugged, or catches a rapist hiding in the bushes, or a kiddy fiddler outside a school, but in my experience the majority of them have let their power go to their head and think that they can behave exactly how they want, breaking laws whilst enforcing them on other people....The epitome of hypocrisy. Imagine what they're doing when they are not being filmed. I'M NOT INCITING PEOPLE TO DO IT. but if Police officers continue to abuse there authority I believe it is only a matter of time, in this day and age with cameras being so prevelant, that the amount of evidence exposing police corruption and brutality will reach critical mass and the people will rise up against this form of corruption. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­-
Any Cunstubbles leaving comments.....Be proud and identify yourself as a copper...If you've really got balls leave your number in the comment too.


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